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Jefferson appeared to help Lynn with a "spider" and the pair had sex before realizing they were better together than apart. 

But things changed when Jennifer said that Lynn was looking for a way to take the meta ability away from her. 

It did not help matters that Khalil was back in the mix, causing lots of trouble. 

Tobias and Khalil were tasked with taking down Black Lightning and delivering him to Martin in one piece. 

But things took a turn when the trio attacked the school and Khalil accidentally murdered Black Lightning. 

Jennifer used her powers and brought him back to life with a jolt to the heart, but the family realized they needed to go on the run. 

Martin decided he wanted Thunder brought to him dead or alive after learning about Jefferson's death. 

Tobias also joined forces with Lala to take back the streets when they realized they could both benefit from working with each other. 

Black Lightning
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