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Jefferson and Anissa work together, but Jefferson is not impressed with the way Anissa tries to act first and think later. 

He teaches her to harness her powers in a way that would allow her to not harm anyone. 

They reach a truce, and it all becomes clearer to Jefferson when Anissa saves his life at a crucial moment. 

Anissa is shocked to learn that Jennifer has powers when she tells her all about her phone exploding. 

Gambi is reeled in by the ASA and asked about turning over Black Lightning before it was too late. 

This presented him with a shocking decision to make, but Lynn figured out Gambi was not who he said he was when she learned Green Light first appeared in a vaccine. 

When Jefferson confronts him, Gambi says that he was the one who leaked the details about the metahumans to Jefferson's father, thus, he was part of the reason his father died. 

Gambi said Jefferson needed to lay low because the men were coming to try and kill him and the family. 

Jefferson told Gambi to stay well away from him because of the lies he told over the years. 

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

This attempt at framing me. You know what it proves? I'm getting under someone's skin.


He will find you and he will kill you. Even Anissa.