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A woman in a floral dress asks Jake about her feeling. The woman has controlled the people of South Freeland for the last five years. When Jake argues against her, she withdraws the silver liquid from his body and kills him.

The woman asks her other minions to follow the element.

Gambi is still alive and he's holding someone hostage. He cuts off the man's fingers and demands to know who tried to kill him. He kills the thug when he gets no information.

Lynn is heartbroken over Dr. Jace's betrayal and the 14 deaths.

Councilman Parker makes an offer to buy the church's property, but the preacher rejects the offer. The preacher reveals that the citzens of Freeland knew that Tobias was responsible for the crime; they turned a blind eye to keep quiet.

Tobias demands Painkiller to kill the preacher. Tobias was responsible for the attack on the march.

Lynn conducts a conference to reveal the deaths of the patients. The crowd eurpts into disarray when they can't determine who lived or died.

A flashback shows Gambi jumping out of the van before it explodes. He sent off the explosion. Anissa triggers one of Gambi's safty alarm.

Anissa searches for Aniyah and gets surrounded by a group of people with shotguns. The group is Aniyah's family. After Anissa tells Aniyah about Deacon's death, she goes into labor.

Khalil tells Jennifer about Tobias shooting the reverand and what Tobias is asking of her. She will be by his side to make sure he doesn't make any bad decisions.

Aniyah gives birth to her baby but goes into labor again. She's having twins. Jefferson notices the distress warning to Anissa's location; he sees that her costume is still at the lab.

Jennifer gives Lynn supportive advice about dealing with her guilt. However, she only made it worse.

Aniyah's second baby has blue eyes and is causian. Aniyah's ex Joshua killed Deacon; Aniyah's mother thinks he caused a war. When both babies hold hands, their eyes glowed.

Lynn throws up over her guilt; Jennifer comforts her.

Khalil tries to intimidate the preacher into leaving town or giving up the property. He chokes the preacher at first, but lets him go. The preacher thinks he can save Khalil.

Aniyah reveals that South Freeland is divided into two group: the Sanjay, the white people who have special powers, and the Perdi, the African-Americans on the other side. The Sanjay's leader is the Looker, the blonde woman who gave him the liquid.

Aniyah is afraid of what having the babies with Deacon will cause her family and the people of South Freeland.

Tobias and Khalil fight in Tobias's office. Tobias wins the fight.

The Looker has plenty of powers; Aniyah is afraid she will come after the babies. Anissa talks some sense into the powers, but the Looker is planning an attack.

The group plans to split up to get the babies to Freeland. The Sanjay ambush the group, but Black Lightning arrives to help them. Gambi operates a drone to fight alongside them.

Only one of the groups make it to Anissa's pick-up point. Black Lightning finds the other transport vehicle crashed; the baby and grandparents are missing.

Anissa believes Looker is one of the original vaccine metahumans from 30 years back, like Jefferson.

Khalil visits Jennifer; they hug and he gives a sad goodbye.

Looker calls on her Sanjay to find the other twin baby.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Jennifer: I’m sorry you have to deal with all this alone. Hey, we’ll figure it out.
Khalil: Yo, why you even giving me the time of day?
Jennifer: This whole Painkiller thing is not you. We’ve all been through a lot. Plus, I don’t want you to make any more mistakes ‘cause you made some bad decisions this year. Like, really bad.

Jennifer: Okay, if we’re being honest, it wasn’t your fault those kids died. But technically, as the person in charge of the facility, it was your responsibility to keep them safe. So once again, even though it was not your fault that they died, they kinda were your responsibility. You get what I’m saying?
Lynn: Wow ...
[Lynn gets up to go]
Lynn: Thank you for your honesty.