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A woman under the influence of green light is brought into the emergency room. She fights off the doctors and cops to escape the building, but she uses her superstrength to throw a dumpster at the cops. Black Lightning subdues the girl with a shock.

Peter shows Jefferson the school tapes; Tobias and Syonide aren't shown. Peter asks Black Lightning to get one of Painkiller's darts so that he can test it.

Tobias disrupts Khalil from playing a video game. He makes Khalil hold onto pieces of newspaper that he burns to train his memory. Tobias wants Khalil to take on more work.

A news report discusses a clinic in Freeland that is trying to stay open. However, the real estate mogul is ruining the progress.

Jennifer sees the couple photo of Anissa and Zoe B on Instagram. She teases Anissa about it and asks her what they're parents have said about it. Jennifer practices her power by sneakily shocking Anissa.

Jennifer doesn't approve of Anissa's relationship with Zoe B. She thinks her sister needs someone more stable.

Dr. Jace is being hired for the lab, but Lynn doesn't trust her. Agent Odell plans to set up a meeting to force Lynn into convincing the doctor to sign on board.

Metal detectors are placed in the front of Garfield. Principal Lowry, the new principal, gives Jefferson a frosty reception and brushes him off.

Perenna, a mysterious woman, shakes Jennifer's hand in the park and they're transported to a mysterious world. It's revealed that Perenna was sent by Lynn and Jefferson to talk with Jennifer.

Jennifer is upset and blames her parents. Jefferson asks for forgiveness.

The Detectives find an abandoned burnt vehicle that belonged to Detective Summers.

Lynn meets with Dr. Jace; the former doctor is an arrested inmate. The doctor got arrested for conducting illegal experiments that resulted in her patients losing their feet. In exchange for cooperating, Lynn will help facilitate a meeting between Dr. Jace and her son.

Anissa (in her hoodie costume) visits the pastor to ask how much is needed for the lawsuit. The amount is $300,000.

Tobias wants Khalil to eliminate a problem with a dealer that can't deliver their money in time.

Jefferson cleans out his office,

Anissa visits Grace at the bar. She apologizes for the way she treated her, and they flirt.

Detective Henderson visits Jefferson to get his help in interrogating the person who could've burned down the van. He's sorry that Jefferson lost his job as principal.

The group at Club 100 tease Khalil for working for Tobias. Khalil throws one of the bartenders and he shoots a dart a Reon. The guy falls over the banister and dies on impact.

Perenna takes Jennifer to a world inside herself to help her control her powers. The location is in the form of a beauty salon. She creates a gold box to place her feelings in.

A tracking and disabling chip is implanted in Dr. Jace. Lynn threatens her to not betray her.

Peter and Anissa discuss the illegal money laundering of the real estate tycoon. Anissa has a plan up her sleeves to track the money.

A man aims his flamethrower at Black Lightning when Jefferson sneaks into the garage. Black Lightning subdues him and interrogates him about who hired him to destroy the van. Painkiller was the man who hired him.

Detective Henderson tells Black Lightning about the Club 100 member who died from the dart. Jefferson visits Khalil's mother to talk some sense into her. He asks her to set up a meeting for him and Painkiller.

After watching Tobias place an item in a safe, Painkiller attends a meeting with Black Lightning. Khalil threatens him and shoots a dart, but Black Lightning deflects and steals one of the darts.

The police ambush Tobias and arrest him for the murder of Jefferson's father.

Anissa uses her powers to break up the money laundering meeting. Peter defends her with a gun while Anissa fights them off. Anissa delivers the money to the pastor.

Peter finds Kara bleeding and unconscious outside of his apartment.

Perenna has Jennifer faces her feelings before she can stuff them away in a box. Jennifer is surrounded by energy and fire.

Detective Henderson tells Jefferson that they've arrested Tobias.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Peter: They’ve been trying to find Tobias for 30 years. Energy might not be the problem.
Jefferson: So it’s still on us? Nothing has changed.
Peter: Well, not nothing. Tobias has got Painkiller, and he’s got that A.S.A. briefcase of Proctor’s which according to your Ms. Fowdy contains hell.
Jefferson: You know, your pep talks need work.

Jennifer: Woah! You’re dating Zoe B?!
[She flashes the phone]
Jennifer: Yo, that’s crazy! You’re gonna get crushed though; she gonna love you one minute, forget you the next.
Anissa: I can’t believe you’re following my dating life on social media!
Jennifer: Okay, first of all, ain’t nobody following your dating life, okay. It just popped up. And second, what else do you expect me to do when the only freedom I have is to walk around the block for exercise?