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LaLa enters Garfield with a gun. He finds Jefferson in his classroom; he shoots him in the shoulder. LaLa wants answers about Earl's death.

Gambi is designing Jennifer's superhero suit. Jennifer wants a stylish outfit, but everyone is more focused on creating a suit that will protect her.

LaLa's spirits (his recent victims) urge him on to both kill Jefferson and let him go. LaLa lashes out from the constant conversation. He plans to kill Jefferson.

Jennifer finds Anissa staring at a photo of Grace. She tells her sister to find Grace.

Lynn conducts experiments with Wendy's powers. Agent Odell chastises Lynn for treating Wendy like a power. He wants to train Wendy and people like her to be used for the army.

Gambi conducts a search for Deputy Chief Henderson to determine the identity of a photo.

Jefferson reveals to LaLa that he told Earl to go to the cops before he was killed. Before LaLa shoots Jefferson, the spirit of Lawanda knocks the gun out of his hand. The spirits fight each other.

Jefferson shows LaLa a photo of Earl to jolt his memory.

Deputy Chief Henderson gets a report that Tom Green was murdered in car explosion.

Agent Odell locks Lynn out of the lab; he forces Wendy into an experiment that pushes her powers. Lynn is forcibly removed by the security team.

Anissa visits an address that's tied to Grace's brother. A man with glowing eyes answers the door and tells her to go away. In reality, the man is Grace in disguise.

LaLa reveals that he got Earl a free pass for the work he did for the 100. Since Earl went to the cops, the target got placed on his back. LaLa's memory came back and it's revealed that HE killed Earl.

LaLa plans to kill Tobias; he apologizes to Jefferson for hurting him. The ghost of Earl leaves his mark of LaLa's skin.

Jennifer is in love with the design of her new suit. She begs Gambi to let her try on the foundation of her suit. After dancing in the pod, she triggers static electricity; the suit wasn't completed or ready for Jennifer.

Thunder discovers the decaying body of an animal in an apartment. She battles the man from earlier. He takes off through the window when he gets a moment.

Lynn refuses to let Agent Odell turn Wendy into a dangerous weapon. Jennifer admits to her mother that she was right about needing a suit that's safe.

Someone has secret cameras in the Pierce family home.

A flashback shows a man adding guts into a water tub that forms into the body of a person. The man turns out to be LaLa. The doctor tells LaLa that once he gets redemption, he will know peace.

LaLa tells the spirits that he's going to kill Tobias once-and-for-all.

Agent Odell and his team have placed the cameras in the Pierce's home. THe feed is untraceable. He kills his team to leave no witnesses.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Jefferson: I didn’t mean to disrespect. It’s just ... you caught me off guard. I thought you were dead!
Lala: I was dead. Twice.

Jennifer: Okay, lower.
Gambi: [Drawing design] Like this?
Jennifer: Nhmmm ... lower. Lower.
Lynn: Hey, hey, hey! It’s not a swimsuit.
Jennifer: Okay, thank you, Mom. I know it’s not a swimsuit. Because if it was, it’d be a tiny bikini!
[They all laugh]
Jennifer: Alright, let me show you something. Could you make it a little bit more like this? You know what I’m saying?
Gambi: Jenn, you’re not supposed to look like a pop star. The suit is supposed to protect you.
Jennifer: Okay, first off, a “pop star”? Really?! And second, that’s dope!