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Gambi and Jefferson place Jennifer in an energy chamber to test her electric abilities. She becomes too powerful and overpowers the machine; her powers are on the same level as a nuclear bomb.

Agent Odell offers Lynn a grant of $1,000,000 in exchange for helping with the pods. She turns down the offer because she wants to hear the truth of everything. Agent Odell reveals the truth: the Markovians want Lynn because she's close to coming up with the treatment to stabilizing the pod kids.

The Markovians plan to kidnap or kill any metahumans who are running around Freeland.

Anissa searches around Grace's apartment for any clue of her disappearance. Anissa finds one of the pills.

Deputy Chief Henderson gets Gambi to act as CSI to search strange purple residue and ground marks. The markings aren't powerful weapons, but they're strong energy.

Tobias and Cutter use Dr. Jace's formula to wake up Marcus Bishop (aka. Shakedown). He has the ability to cause vibrations. Marcus wakes up and fights Cutter; Tobias knocks him out before he's able to kill Cutter with his abilities.

Anissa uses the lab's technology to track down Grace's parents from an old photo. She misses Grace and wants her back. Gambi will also investigate the pill that was found.

One of the kids complains to Jefferson that Principal Lowry doesn't care about the students or faculty. He wants Jefferson to get his second chance at the job. Napier shows Jefferson the video from the sit-on; it has gone viral. Napier thinks he can get Jefferson his old job back.

Agent Odell plans to move the pod kids the following day. Lynn thinks she has developed the treatment to speed up their recovery.

Cutter seesTobias talking to the painting of his dead sister, Tori. Tobias and Cutter have been hooking up again.

The briefcase signals a warning that the connection to the pod kids has been removed. Tobias and Cutter will send in the cavalry to ensure it's kept.

Jefferson has to testify at a closed-door board meeting about Principal Lowry's character. If he plays his cards right, he might get his job back.

Tobias offers Marcus a cash deal if he agrees to work together.

Agent Odell won't let Dr. Jace near the pod kids when they're being transported. However, he wants to keep Dr. Jace around in case Lynn is kidnapped or killed by the Markovians.

Jennifer wants revenge against Tobias, but Anissa talks her down. She promises to help her in the future. Jennifer gives Anissa a reality check that maybe Grace doesn't want to be with her.

Lynn begins transport prep for Wendy Hernandez.

Jennifer uses her powers to torture and interrogate members of the 100. She wants information to find Tobias.

Principal Lowry doesn't think Jefferson is the right person for the job.

Grace Choi doesn't exist; her real name is Shailene Wild. She took over a new life after escaping from a sex ring and terrible situation.

Jefferson gives Principal Lowry a good recommendation since he will be focusing on the real dangers of being Black Lightning.

Jennifer is led into a trap by the people of the 100.

The traces of Grace's pill helps to treat schizophrenia.

Jennifer uses her powers to fight the gang members before she overpowers and passes out. Thunder arrives in time to save her life.

Cutter and Marcus break into the lab. Dr. Jace places the lab into emergency lockdown to protect Lynn and Wendy. Dr. Jace helps Cutter and Marcus take the remaining pods.

Napier is mad at Jefferson for turning down the opportunity as principal.

Jennifer wakes up in the sanctum. She enters the mind world and Perenna chastises her for letting her powers get out of hand. She warns Jennifer that she might explode if pushed too far.

Lynn gets Wendy to safety.

Tobias plans to sell the pod kid metahumans to people around the world once Dr. Jace's experiments go well.

Cutter killed Todd since they no longer need him. He's blown up in a car.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Gambi: Like Perenna said, she is powerful. Extremely powerful.
Jefferson: With all she’s been through, I don’t think she’s stable enough to keep her powers in check.
Jennifer: Dad...
Jefferson: Yeah?
Jennifer: You know Anissa taught me how to read lips, right?
[Awkward silence]
Jennifer: So, thank you for your vote of confidence. I appreciate it.

Anissa: My gut is telling me she’s in trouble. I just want to know that she’s okay.
Gambi: It sounds a lot deeper than just dating.
Anissa: Well, folks always say, “You never know what you have until it’s gone.”
Gambi: That’s true.