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The pastor conducts a sermon and asks for prayers to help Khalil. He also incites his congregation to stop believing in Black Lightning, Thunder, and the other heroes in town; they will take their powers back.

Khalil's mother, Jennifier, and the Pierces come to see Khalil in the hospital. Khalil asks Jefferson to kill Tobias; he has everything Jefferson needs to take down Tobias' operations. Jefferson declines the request.

Tobias injects himself with a green liquid.

A woman calls the police on Jennifer thinking that she tried to steal her car. Jennifer uses her abilities to destroy the car.

The pastor collapses in the church after a strange liquid drips from his head. Cutter leaves the church.

Jefferson helps syphon off some of Jennifer's electricity, but there's too much of it. Perenna arrives to help bring Jennifer back to Zen.

The Reverand died as a result of a heart attack. Todd discovers footage from the laptop of Lynn slapping Dr. Jace. Tobias wants to contact Dr. Jace to find out the identities of the pod kids.

Perenna teaches Jennifer how to pull the energy back into herself.

Dr. Connolley, the doctor treating Khalil, turns down Lynn's offer to implement experimental technology from the green light research. The doctor also can't locate who created the spinal implant in the first place.

Jefferson informs Henderson that he knows where Tobias is living now. Jefferson shows Henderson the secret lair in the tailor shop.

Gambi has the tox-screen proving that the Reverand was poisoned. Henderson, Jefferson, and Gambi team up to prove Tobias' involvement in a bunch of murders.

Jennifer's ability intensifies and she can see Khalil's electrical nervous system on his back. She warns Lynn that she can see Khalil dying; she wants to control his synapses to restart. Jennifer has an idea to put Khalil in one of the pods.

Grace delivers food to Anissa in the hospital waiting room.

Tobias reveals that he and Cutter had a relationship a long time ago. He asks Cutter to dispose of a body he tortured.

Lynn get the A.S.A. to test Khalil to see if he's a candidate for the pods.

Henderson interrogates Tobias about Khalil's attack; he pretends to know nothing. Henderson is wearing a sensor to scan Tobias's home for Gambi.

Todd visits Dr. Jace and sets up an electrical distraction to break her free.

Dr. Jace created the anti-aging serum that kept her and Tobias young. Dr. Jace was the original developer of the metahuman serum.

Gambi's scan proves the briefcase isn't in Tobias' safe.

Lynn's tests reveal that Khalil's toxins won't allow him to survive in a pod.

Jennifer takes Khalil to the safe space in her mind to say her goodbye to him. Khalil dies on the hospital table.

Tobias, Todd, and Cutter help Dr. Jace break into her mysterious lab to find the metahumans.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Woman: You’re trying to steal my car.
Jennifer: Ma’am, I wasn’t...
[Woman pulls out phone and calls the police]
Woman: Hello, 911. Yes, I caught a woman breaking into my car. She’s African-American. She threatened me! She’s 5’6”.
[Jennifer’s eyes glow and lightning destroys her car]
Woman: Oh my god! What did you do?!
Jennifer: Me?
Woman: Yes!
Jennifer: Your car got hit by lightning. You wanna call the police on God?

Jennifer: Mom, the pods! We could put Khalil in a pod and in hibernation until we can figure out how to help him. Think about it, those vaccine kids, they survived in pods for over 30 years, we could do the same thing with Khalil.
Lynn: He’s enhanced; he’s not a metahuman. I couldn’t survive in one of those pods. I’m not sure he could either.
Jennifer: Maybe not, but we have to try?