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Maryam, a metahuman who can blend and become visible, is being assessed by an automated system. She reveals that she went to private school and got dosed with Green Light as a prank. Another prisoner Devonte states that he never used Green Light or has powers.

Jefferson Pierce is revealed to have been a prisoner for the last 31 days. His quarantine hold is completed.

Jamila Olsen, a broadcast reporter, states that the government has been taking kids suspected of the metahuman gene and placing them in quarantine in Freeland. People suspect Black Lightning might be dead.

As Anissa and the pastor visit all the quarantined prisoners, a mysterious metahuman breaks into the building and defeats the security. Ned (aka. Cyclotronic) has the ability to make things disintigrate. Ned reveals that the governement didn't help him when he got diagnosed as a metahuman; they sent him into war.

Commander Carson Williams fights Ned and snaps his neck.

Jennifer's powers start reacting at school.

Betty, a nurse at the clinic, gets outraged over what happened at the quarantine. She believes the congresswoman and the government know more about what's going on than what they've revealed. She leaves the van, but Anissa stays behind.

Commander Williams threatens Deputy Chief Henderson's career and livelihood if he doesn't comply with a news conference.

Lynn reunites with Jefferson and wants to fool around, but Agent Odell appears to inform them of the recent attack. He demands Lynn be in protective custody as well since the Markovians will want her knowledge. Agent Odell removes Jefferson's collar.

Deputy Chief Henderson holds the news conference and places Freeland under curfew.

Anissa informs Gambi about the new metahumans and the quarantine. Gambi is on a secret mission.

Gambi reveals that Commander Williams is a metahuman too: he has the ability to mimic the abilities of any metahuman he comes into contact with. Williams, along with Ned, were part of the same government testing that created them.

Anissa, as Blackbird, takes down one of the quarantined buses and frees a large group of children. Jamila interviews the pastor trying to find the whereabouts of the kids, but he denies knowing. The kids are being held in the church; there's a plan to get them out of town.

A teen girl tries out her new electric abilities.

Jefferson uses his powers to sense Issa Williams in the cell below his.

Gambi shows Anissa surveillance footage of Grace transforming into a leopard and a man.

Jamila and Anissa flirt in a bar; they hook up in Jamila's hotel room. Jamila heard a rumor that the government has been using the clinic to identify and take metahumans instead of curing them.

Jefferson's powers spot Tobias in one of the cells.

The electric metahuman turns out to be Jennifer in a cloaking disguise. Anissa chastises Jennifer for using her cloak, but Jennifer needs to use her powers because she's getting stronger.

Agent Odell uses Issa as an interrogation tactic against Tobias; he wants to know the whereabouts of the briefcase. Tobias is sick and dying from old age; his repressed years are catching up to him.

Tobias reveals that Proctor was never evil; he was working under Agent Odell and the president. Odell's three missions in Freeland are: obtain all meta subjects, turn them in weapons, and eliminate anyone who could connect the Freeland project to the president.

With the knowledge of Odell's secret plans, he is forced to poison and murder Issa. Lynn wants to speak with Issa; Agent Odell agrees to let her say her goodbyes.

Blackbird leads the escaped metahumans out of Freeland through a hole in the barrier. Security guards shoot a missle at her; Anissa is knocked out and presumed dead. Jennifer wants to rescue Anissa, but Gambi talks her down.

After viewing Issa's body, Agent Odell reminds Lynn that her and her family's life is better in his hands.

Lala (aka. Tattoo Man) is still alive and he has the briefcase.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Commander Williams: Ned? Ned Kreegan?
Ned: I prefer “Cyclotronic.”
Commander Williams: Cyclotronic? [Laughs] That’s funny, Ned. Why all you Metas gotta come up with these corny-a** names for yourselves?

Agent Odell: Sorry to interrupt.
Lynn: What the hell is your problem?
Agent Odell: There was a Markovian attack on one of our facilities today. They sent in a strike team and a Meta to take the children.
Jefferson: Well, sounds like a personal problem to me.
Agent Odell: Not really, Mr. Pierce. There is a clear and present Markovian threat, and until that threat is eliminated, we cannot allow you to leave … or you, Dr. Stewart.