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Maryam recounts all her pain while being trapped in confinement (i.e., losing hair). She asks for help.

Deputy Chief Henderson holds a press conference announcing the officers who fought the Markovian has died. He has instituted a media blackout as a result since the Markovians used the media to find the processing clinic.

Lala holds onto the briefcase as a plan to lure in Tobias.

Agent Odell reviews footage from "Truthteller" interviewing someone affected by the ASA. The affected party is Khalil's mother.

Jefferson gets mad at Lynn and his powers overreact; they're getting stronger. Commander Williams refuses to let them know when theyll be released.

Commander Williams brings Jefferson and Lynn to a new living location. He informs her that two Pod kids and four Green Light babies are dead. Lynn is mad at Jefferson for disregarding the lives of those affected by the metahuman powers.

At Wolfsbane Mountain, Colonel Yuri Mosin from Markovia gives a speech to a group of soldiers.

Commander Williams, under rule of martial law, takes a detective from the police force. He believes King to be a metahuman and Green Light user.

Blackbird has healed fast and is traveling the group through South Freeland. Aniyah is hesitant having Blackbird bring people through, but Blackbird is refusing to let that hold her back.

Agent Odell visits Jennifer at her home; he plans to exempt the Pierces from rationing. Agent Odell wants to know why Jennifer knocked out the surveillance system. He gives her a video message from Jefferson and Lynn.

Agent Odell gives Jennifer a phone that she can reach him at any time.

Lala recruits a couple of thugs to join his crew to move and sell product to soldier in the city. Lala showcases his powers to win them over.

Blackbird gets into an argument with Terry and Aniyah. She paid for all the food and safe travel, but Aniyah demands that Blackbird and her group respects the space of the Purdi. Blackbird nearly kills one of the guards.

Gambi shuts off his cloaking device to have a conversation with Deputy Chief Henderson. Gambi needs his help to get Anissa back into town.

Maryam confides in Lynn that she thinks she's dying: Maryam has lost her hair, her nails, and her eyes are bleeding. Lynn lets her know that the damage has already been done to Maryam's nervous system, regardless of her not using her powers.

Henderson visits Commander Williams to get back Detective King. He causes a distraction to get Gambi into the servers to hack it.

Lala chastises The 100 for fighting over food rations and gouging the people. The current leader shoots Lala with multiple bullets, but he gets back up and the bullets shift out of his body.

Aniyah and Terry agree to work things out with Blackbird, but their trust her in has lapsed. Gambi connects with Blackbird just in time to stop a surveying group from finding the Purdi farm. The Markovians initiate phase two are confirming contact with metahumans.

Lynn conducts an experiment with Jefferson and Maryam, but Maryam collapses to the ground in pain.

Khalil's friend surprises Jennifer when she's looking at Khalil's sketchbook, but Jennifer gets mad and walks away.

Jamila hosts a newscast Livestream at one of the downtown checkpoints.

Khalil conducts his review with the A.I. system; it's revealed that a brain chip has been placed into his head and his mind wiped. Agent Odell plans to have "Painkiller" kill his mother as a test.

Agent Odell interrogates Lynn about the energy pikes in Jefferson's report. He knows that Jefferson is using his new power.

Maryam tells Jefferson that the ASA has been having the Green Light/Pod kids fight each other with their powers as tests. People are dying and slowing falling apart from the diseas.

Agent Odell shows Lynn a tablet that exposes energy fluxes from her family using their powers.

Lynn gets mad at Jefferson for him asking questions to Maryam. He accuses her of being Agent Odell's puppet.

Painkiller visits his mother, but he has no memory of her. He drains the life out of her with his new ability.

Jennifer interrupts a group of kids fighting in her school. When she tries to break it up, the boys turn on her. She fights them and knocks them out.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

A.I.: Describe your current condition.
Maryam: Fried. I don’t know how long I can take it. I get muscle spasms all over. I can’t eat. I am falling apart. And finally, I’m losing all my hair. I don’t know what else I can say but, “Help me.” Please.

Dr. Stewart, I’m glad you’re looking at the data. We have four Green Light babies and two pod kids deceased. With a dozen others not far behind, we could use your help.

Commander Williams