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Sarah is moving out of Weller's place

Weller ask Reade about why Sarah would move out, he admits they broke up

It's Taylor Shaw's birthday, Weller got Jane a gift - Weller is still dating Allie, the Marshall lady

An armory truck was robbed and there is a tattoo on Jane that matches a non-existing company -- the truck was transporting chemical weapons

the three victims were sponsored into the country by company

Jane sees flashes of her visiting a ceremony on Taylor's birthday, she's Weller and her mother

I'm loving the shaking camera work this episode

They track down a 4th member of the crew and he immediately starts shooting at them, they kill him - the Army guy calls the 4th guy's cell

it would have been Patterson's 1 year anniversary with David and she gets a call about a reservation he made 

they find out that the General wasn't destroying the amount of chemical gas he was suppose to, they were actually stealing it

Patterson wants to look at the connections of Jane's tattoos and the cases they have solved to figure out who tattoed Jane but wants more people which Mayfair says won't happen because the FBI wants cost cut

they find the General and he is hold a detonator for all the chemical gas - he did this because he thinks the US needs to use chemical gas to survive

Why does the team continue to just go into situations without backup?

Weller gives his antidote to Jane who finds another for him

the gas was sold to a radical faction of the North Korea government

Jane jumped through a damn window and it was awesome

Weller got Jane a necklace that belonged to Taylor's mom - Jane ask Weller out for a b-day drink but he has plans with Allie

Mayfair calls Reade out about why he stopped looking into Carter's death

Tasha is back to gambling

Patterson goes to the reservation and imagines David - she does the crossword puzzle and realizes David cracked another tattoo

Oscar wants Jane to break up Weller and Allie, the mission calls for Weller thinking Jane is the only person he can trust - Oscar kisses Jane and more


The case of the week for Episode 16 was the worst of the entire season so there is no need to go to far into it. Chemical gas was stolen and someone in the Military was involved and selling said gas to South Korea. The person helping him double crossed him and sold the gas to North Korea. The team was able to stop the criminals before the gas was used. That is literally all that happened in the case.

What this episode was about was the personal lives of the agents. After her break up with Reade, Sarah moves out of Weller's apartment by leaving a note. Weller knows that it has something to do with Reade but Reade won't answer any of Weller or Zapata's questions about it.

Weller is steal dating Allie, the US Marshall but he still gives Jane a present since it is Taylor Shaw's birthday. The present is a necklace that was Taylor's mom. Jane is obviously moved and ask Weller out for a birthday drink. He declines because he has plans with Allie.

Jane found a Weller replacement by going to see Oscar. He tells her that she has to break up Weller and Allie because Jane has to be the one person Weller can trust. Jane says no and that Weller has suffered enough. Oscar says they are all suffering because he wants to be with Jane but can't. Then they kiss and get it on.

Patterson was dealing with David drama all episode. She gets a call about a dinner reservation he planned for them since it was going to be their 1 year anniversary. She decides to go to the dinner and brings along the Times crossword puzzle. When she completes it, she notices that there is a message for her.

He had cracked another tattoo and was going to tell her that at dinner.

Lastly, to add even more crazy drama into this episode, Zapata decided to start gambling again.

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Zapata: One-fifty-seven, unit five, fifth floor.
Reade: Always gotta be a walk up.

He's gone. I'm supposed to move on. That's the healthy thing to do, right?