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Reade wakes in his car after being hit in the back of the head last episode to a man in his car with a gun to his head. The man threatens Sarah if Reade doesn't drop the Carter investigation. Reade does but has to lie to Mayfair since he already texted her.

She isn't pleased but they are interrupted with a case based off one of Jane's tattoos. A piece of art was stolen that looks exactly like a tattoo on Jane. When the team goes to investigate, they find a bomb. It goes off and Weller is seriously injured. Meaning the team has to continue the next part of the case on their own.

They are able to track down the elusive artist but find him tied to a chair dead. They bust in to try and save him but Jane is shot right away. Luckily, the bullets hit Jane's protective vest. Reade takes off first but the shooter walks right past Reade because he was disguised as a FBI agent. Jane is not fooled but mostly because he started shooting at her again.

Jane is the target and the reason Weller is in the hospital. Jane sees that she is the problem so she takes off and finds Oscar. He tells her that the shooter use to work for their organization and is holding a huge grudge against Jane and Oscar.

The team is able to track down the shooter without Jane but are trapped by him so Jane has to show up and save them. She gets to them but the shooter finds her and a fight ensues. Oscar followed Jane and is able to save her. He shoots the attacker and tackles him into the ocean.

Oscar is alive but Jane receives a lecture from Mayfair and Weller.  They tell her to never do that again or she is done at the FBI.

The episode ends with Reade breaking up with Sarah which was super sad and with the shooter still being alive!

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Jane: So this dog can really smell bombs?
Reade: Well if it can't, it's a pretty terrible bomb smelling dog.

Keep fighting about it while I get dressed.