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- Starts with Mayfair in the car wtih Sofia who admits to faking her suicide -- she says that someone knows about Daylight and she needs helping escaping into another country

- Zapata finds a tattoo clue in the paper about a football player (Levy Hart) who was kicked off his team for drugs -- the last 4 Hudson Uni championship wins scores

- The school was investigated in their scholarship program but they found nothing -- they go to talk to a coach at the school but the school Pres. shows up and ends all talking

- Their comps break up and they hear shooting at the school

- Flash forward 4 hours earlier to Zapata in a gambling addiction meeting -- and she still can't control herself from looking at a newspaper which is how she found the tattoo clue

- Zapata runs into a shooter and is able to shot one of them but he runs off -- the coach they talked to earlier was shot and Zapata attempts to get him out -- the freaking coach made a noise as they were hiding from a shooter, what an idiot -- Zapata fires out at him but runs out of ammo

- Jane is still sleeping with Oscar -- he convinces her to drink tea -- they are getting very couple like very quickly

- Oscar tells Jane that he can't be her handler anymore and Jane promptly freaks out and begs him not to disappear and to talk to her tonight

- Jane and Weller don't split up but Reade and Zapata do .. Jane convinces Weller to split up

- Jane runs into a security officer, convinces him that she is FBI and tells him not to point her gun at her

- The Pres of the Uni was shot - someone is definitely upset at the football program

- Jane is able to save Zapata

- Weller brought his dad back to his apartment

- Weller find a victim who tells him that Hart is one of the shooters, Weller goes after him and finds the bombs

- Reade triggered a bomb but is able to escape but Hart finds him -- Hart tells Reade that the coach abused him

- Jane goes to convince Oscar to stay with her and she does

- Zapata tells the story of why she started gambling. Her partner was killed by a random event and gambling helped her feel in control

- Mayfair gives Sofia $48,000, all her savings

- Oscar still has CIA agent Carter's body, what is he up to?

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Zapata: Don’t get too excited, it’s not one of your wizard and elf games that takes 4 hours to finish.
Patterson: Well, D&D doesn’t ever really finish.

What’s with the bow tie, Bill Nye?