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- Rich Dotcom is back

- Weller's Dad is going to die

- Mayfair is still looking into the street cam image of Oscar driving Oscar's car

- Weller and Jane's hug is everything

- Allie (Weller's girlfriend) is there to give a case to the time based on info from Dotcom about some big terrorist and he will only talk to Weller and Jane.

- Dotcom thinks he has paintings that terrorist will not be able to say no to - He wants to fake his prison escape and help them get the terrorist then he can move to a medium security prison

- Except Dotcom doesn't have the paintings but he knows where they can steal them - the paintings were stolen by a crazy good art thief and he keeps the paintings in his home which is a fortress

- The team follows the plan that Dotcom has been planning for years and the first phase works perfectly

- Weller wants to stop the mission because Dotcom has to come along and he doesn't trust him but Mayfair overrides him

- They get ready to use the fake hand for the scanner but the art thief now uses a retina scanner so they have to cut the power which causes the art thief to head home. 

- In trying to stop the thief, one of the trip shotguns goes off, killing the thief but damaging one of the paintings

- Dotcom knows someone that can fix the painting

- Allie wants to go to the meeting with Dotcom but he says no so Jane volunteers

- Dotcom seems to like to push everyone's buttons by saying Weller is more concerned about Jane than Allie

- Some other governmental body goes to arrest the terrorist and when the FBI shows up, he runs - Jane and Dotcom chase after him then a fight erupts because the terrorist ran out of bullets and of course beats him

- Dotcom jumps off the building with a parachute and meets the painting restorer - they stole the paintings

- Allie calls Weller out on his feelings for Jane and ask for space

- Jane goes to see Weller's dad and brings up the fake memories Oscar told her to tell Weller about

- Mayfair calls Alexandra (the woman from the bar) and they are going to meet up when she is in New York - then her ex-girlfriend, who died shows up!

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Well, first of all I don’t love this dynamic. Where’s, "Hello." Where’s, "Are you okay." Where’s, "Hey Rich those bruises make you look super tough."

Rich Dotcom

Jane Doe, wow that’s so punk.

Rich Dotcom