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 Blindspot is back to chasing tattoos this week.  The tattoo of the week is actually two tats, one of a Lion and one of a Bull.  The tattoos and a timely email sent anonymously (but was actually sent by Oscar) lead the team to a mural of a dead girl.  The girl's boyfriend was convicted of murdering her but he swears he doesn't.  Well, he does until the FBI questions him. He surprisingly changed his story and now says that he did in fact kill her.

The team finds out the truth, that the boyfriend's sister was threatened and the deported girl never even made it to Mexico. ICE agents are involved and marking deported girls to be kidnapped and turned in prostitutes.  Zapata volunteers to take the place of next girl marked. The team's plan fails and Zapata is taken to the brothel, where they quickly determine that she is not who she says. It's determined that the FBI is on their way so the criminals burn the brothel with the girls still inside.

Zapata is able to save the girls but she is trapped in the basement with fire everywhere.  Reade and Weller show up and are able to make it to the basement and save her.  The man in charge of the brothel is taken into custody, as well as the real killer of the case that started this all. The boyfriend is released hours before he was suppose to be executed.

Jane sat out this case because she is recovering from last episode craziness.  At least, that's what we thought.  She has actually decided to leave the FBI.  If it wasn't for Zapata telling her how important their work is, she might have left.  She tells Oscar for the tenth time that she will not work for him but he says his organization will kill Weller if she doesn't continue to help.

Other developments this episode: Zapata was being bugged by a district attorney who wants her help in figuring out why Carter was so interested in Jane. If Zapata doesn't help him, he will bring her up on charges.  Reade tells Weller that he is still dating Sarah.  Reade is also still looking Carter's disappearance and finds footage of Oscar in Carter's car then he promptly hit in the back head.

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Can we fast forward to the answer please?


Why should they trust me? Why should I trust myself? I could have been anyone before this. I don't think I can do this anymore. I want to stop. I want to leave the FBI.