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Zapata finds Reade standing over the body of Coach Jones in Jones' house; Reade says that he found Jones dead and wants to call the police, but Zapata points out that all the evidence points to Reade and convinces him to leave the scene with her.

The next day they join the NYPD's investigation into Jones' murder. Zapata is able to find the tape with Reade's name on it but not put it back where it belongs. She then pressures the private security guard who saw Reade outside the house the day before by threatening to have his girlfriend deported.

Patterson explains Mayfair's black hole image to the team, saying it turns into piles of emails from the NSA leaker Douglas Winter, which point Nas and Weller to a hotel in Bulgaria. They find Winter before Tom Carter's CIA replacement Keaton does, but Winter shocks them by saying that he is being framed.

He claims that three years earlier mysterious people broke into his home and uploaded the leaked documents to his computer, and he can prove it with an audio recording. Patterson authenticates the recording and proves that the people who framed Winter were Roman and Shepherd.

At the FBI safe house Nas finds Weller once again brooding. He claims he has no one left to turn to; she responds by kissing him and the two have sex.

When the building is compromised shortly afterward Weller realizes that Keaton was the man who tortured Jane between seasons and attacks him.

Roman asks Jane to accompany him in recovering the microchip that her source never obtained. Jane is able to upload part of the code from the microchip to Patterson, but abandons the data transfer to rescue Roman. She tells him she loves him and the two reconcile.

While in Borden's office Patterson locates the listening device that Nas implanted. She informs Weller that Nas has been monitoring their conversations. After hearing Winter's recording, Weller determines that he knows Shepherd.

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Blindspot Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

He followed you once. He can follow you again - before it's too late.


Reade: We're the FBI. That's got to count for something.
Zapata: I'm your friend. I believe you. Ask yourself if anybody else will.