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Jane recovers a memory about being rescued by a doctor after she survived the Orion attack. Shepherd says that the doctor was killed shortly afterward in a second attack and eventually Jane made her way back home stowing away in a cargo ship, but a later conversation between Shepherd and Roman reveals that was a lie.

The latest tattoo case leads to an assassination attempt at a political rally in Adams Park. Weller is able to handle the assassin but isn't happy when his ex Allison is brought in due to being best friends with the sister of the man who allegedly ordered the hit, Patrick O'Malley.

O'Malley alleges that Sen. Donahue ordered the hit himself and is the real mob boss, so the team takes him to his attorney's office to find proof. But the attorney has tipped off the mob and they are ambushed. Patrick sacrifices himself to save the others.

Weller searches for the reason why Sandstorm was surveilling him, while also dealing with Allison's pregnancy. He expresses concern about her continuing to work while pregnant but she refuses to consider a desk job. Then Allison is shot in the leg and is forced to reveal her pregnancy to Jane.

Reade's skipping out on work to confront his ex-coach. Afterward he breaks into Jones' house where he finds tapes of the abuse, including one with his name on it. Zapata later discovers Reade standing over Jones' body.

Patterson decodes the "black hole" image from Mayfair and finds the location of the NSA insider, which implies that Mayfair and the insider were working together.

And Borden and Patterson have spent the night together while Jane calls Oliver - the man she met during the museum gala in Episode 4 - and invites him out for a drink.

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Blindspot Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Was I one of them? Was I one of the kids you abused? I know what you did to those other kids. I know it never ended. So just tell me was I one of them?


His little brother just died so I'd say he's not thinking clearly.