A Shattering Secret - Blindspot
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The episode opens in 1990 when serial bomber Marcus Dunn sets off an explosive device.

Kurt finds his and Jane's wedding video and Jane tells him about Roman's phone call.

Zapata and Patterson work together to investigate Stuart's murder.

Reade tells Hirst about Roman's phone call to Jane and she warns him to get his ducks in a row if Roman intends to reveal secrets about the team.

The team discovers the Penn-Tech bomber is not dead like they previously thought.

Wedding view of Reade and Zapata congratulating Kurt and Jane.

Roman impersonates Tom Jakeman at a charity auction event, and tries to get close to the host Blake Crawford.

The team brings in the bomber's daughter and questions her about her father's wherabouts.

Jane goes after a man suspected of helping the bomber fake his death, Rossi, and it turns out that he knows her as Remi.

In interrogation Rossi reveals that he's known Jane since she was a child and helped to faciliate her adoption. He is sad that she has no memory.

Patterson and Zapata find Rossi's getaway stash and work ledger in his car. They use this to figure out where the bomber has been staying.

At the house an explosive device is detonated and Weller panics that Jane might be hurt.

In Jane's wedding video she talks about never believing that she would be allowed this happiness.

Jane tells Kurt in the present day that she doesn't want to know anything else about her past, but rather wants to focus on her future with him.

Roman buys a bracelet at the auction and gives it to the host. It's revealed that he's put a tracking device on it.

The team discovers that the bomber is intending to hit a local university hospital basement.

Hirst's wedding video mentions the reality of marriage, including the hard times. Wishes them love.

Zapata tussles with the bomber, and Reade takes him out. Jane and Weller work together to disarm the bomb.

Assistant Secretary West reveals to the team that Rossi has escaped from custody.

Patterson tells Zapata that someone within the FBI has been tampering with evidence in Stuart's case and may be messing with the tattoos as well.

Jane and Kurt are watching their wedding video when they find a clip of Roman. He promises them more pain to come.

Zapata catches Reade lying about what he's doing, and sees him with West. Suspects him of being the mole.

Rossi slips an envelope under the door at Jane's, revealing that she has an 18 year old daughter whom he helped orchestrate the adoption of.

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Blindspot Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Rossi: I did your adoption. And you really don't remember anything? That's awful.
Jane: Maybe some things are better to forget.
Rossi: Your mother did this to you, didn't she? Or more likely she convinced you to do it to yourself. With some promise of a greater good or of a higher purpose? Am I close?

To the good times and the bad... may love rule mightily over both.