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Patterson finds more information about Madeline's chemical weapon. Jane frames Bethany's art for Kurt on Bethany's birthday. Jane asks Rich to check on Ally and Bethany for Kurt. The weapon was logged into evidence on Zapata's first day at the FBI. Patterson and Rich try to get her to think back to that day. She remembers meeting Reade for the first time. But she's having trouble recalling anything else. Both Zapata and Reade wanted to get onto Weller's task force. They are assigned to sort cold cases. She remembers a cold case about a poisoned body in the river. The body was used to test a deadly compound but Tasha can't recall the chemicals involved. Rich discovers that one of Bethany's aliases had been checked into a hospital recently. But Jane wants to find out more before telling Kurt. Chief Inspector Fischer halted Zapata and Reade's interrogation of a scientist, Kerry Coleman. Jane recalled Coleman is working with Madeline, since Jane had winged her the day before. Zapata encourages a discouraged Reade to keep at it and not transfer. Zapata recalls the names of the two chemicals and Patterson starts searching for nearby storage. Kurt overhears Jane and Rich and they have to tell him about Bethany. Kurt storms off. Using a test Rich got for her, Zapata finds out she's pregnant with Reade's baby. Patterson figures out where the chemicals are being stored. Jane, Weller, and Zapata go to intercept the weapon. Tasha freaks out when the shooting starts but is inspired by the memory of Reade and charges in. They grab the chemicals but Ivy and Coleman get away. Patterson finds out Brianna is missing. Jane talks Kurt into staying. Kurt gets captured and Jane gets shot on the way back to the bunker. 

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Blindspot Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

I keep going over and over it in my mind but it isn't helping. It's hurting.


Jane: I know it's a long shot but ...
Rich: I'll do my best. That's all that I can promise.