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A sculpture in Tucson is another message to the fugitives. Madeline wantsn Weitz to tell her what happened in Helsinski. Kurt and Jane try to understand her nightmare. Patterson figures out the puzzle leads to an address of a warehouse in Germany. Kurt, Jane, and Zapata go to check it out. It's a trap and their signal cuts out. Patterson and Rich get anxious. Then Weller returns. He expected Jane and Zapata to be back before him. Zapata arrives. She and Weller get into an argument. Finally, Jane gets back with a hostage. There's general discontent about her bringing back a hostage. Madeline wants Weitz to force Susan Shah to resign. Patterson and Rich determine the hostage's name is Morris. He reveals he knows they are in Prague. Patterson suggests wiping his memory which Jane opposes. Kurt proposes going to the upcoming meeting Morris had mentioned without him. Weitz says Madeline wants Shah out of the way since she is another vice-presidential candidate. Patterson says they can't leave the bunker and split up again. Morris, actually Hayes, surprises and knocks out Jane then escapes. Jane has the nightmare again. Hayes cuts the main breaker. They start arguing but Rich gets them to see that they need to keep working together. They clear the bunker as a group looking for Hayes. Zapata starts hallucinating and Hayes grabs her. Jane shoots him dead. Madeline has brought the abducted Brianna in the trunk and kills her. It's to scare Weitz into getting rid of Shah. The fugitives find a SD card under Hayes' skin. Weitz warns Afreen not to talk to him. He informs her Brianna is dead and there's no more resistance. Zapata tells Jane about freezing at the warehouse. Rich and Patterson figure out Madeline is deploying a chemical bomb.

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Blindspot Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Rich: What do you suggest you do next?
Patterson: I don't know. Maybe first lay off the new coffee.

I own you. Stop posturing.

Madeline [to Weitz]