Percy & Timmy - Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 2
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Timmy makes a call to ensure his employees won't lose their benefits. Carlos arrives, noting that Timmy is there early. Carlos asks Timmy how things went with Eliza. Timmy confesses that it went poorly, citing that Eliza is getting back together with Aaron.

Eliza arrives. Timmy greets her with enthusiasm. Carlos tells Eliza that Timmy arrived at 8 a.m. Eliza is surprised, and Timmy tells her he's throwing himself into the business.

Timmy shares his to-do list. He proclaims himself the "Blockbuster dad" as there is no longer any corporate leadership, and leaves to transfer the store's lease to his name. Eliza and Carlos remark that they might be okay after all.

Timmy confesses to Percy that he needs to fire someone by 5 p.m. or he'll lose the store. His white hair streak is back. He laments the fact that everything is more expensive without corporate.

Hannah and Connie watch television in the break room, where they learn that a local movie critic (and frequent customer) Hollywood Harold has passed away. Carlos enters, and they tell him the news. Carlos is shaken.

Kayla arrives, complaining about the music. Eliza explains that they are not beholden to corporate's music choices any longer, and they are listening to her daughter Ali's band. Kayla tells Eliza that the song is clearly about her. Eliza mentions that things have been tense between her and Ali, but they're improving.

With Percy's help, Timmy weighs his options on which employee to fire. He asks if Percy would consider reducing the rent. Percy deflects, saying Timmy can't fire Kayla (Percy's daughter). Timmy eliminates all the candidates for termination, leaving him without a decision.

Carlos, Connie, Hannah, Eliza, Kayla, and a random customer try to find a way to honor Hollywood Harold's legacy. They try to decide what films to put on the feature rack. They settle on making it employee picks, "with a twist."

Kayla quotes some of Ali's lyrics about how Eliza is the worst. Timmy considers doing "reverse job interviews" to determine which employee is the least deserving of keeping their job.

Timmy interviews Connie, who admits she doesn't need the job financially, but emotionally it saved her life and pulled her back from the brink.

Timmy approaches Carlos, who asks him to pick a name for the "employee picks," recommendations for specific staff members, like a Secret Santa. Timmy remarks on Carlos's ability to come up with engaging ideas.

Connie mentions to Eliza that Timmy is acting strange, and worries that someone is getting fired. Eliza asks if she's got an annoying Instagram presence, and Connie admits that she unfollowed Eliza.

Eliza worries that Ali is blaming her for all the problems between her and Aaron. Carlos comes over and asks if they've done their Hollywood Harold picks yet. Connie asks if this is to determine who is getting fired. Eliza and Carlos express concern and surprise at this revelation.

Timmy sits down with Kayla and asks her how she feels about working at Blockbuster. Kayla admits that she does not enjoy the job at all. Timmy is about to fire her when Percy enters and urges Kayla out.

Percy accuses Timmy of wanting to fire Kayla. Timmy retorts that Kayla hates it. Percy counters that Eliza also hates it here, so Timmy should fire her. Timmy refuses, and Percy accuses Timmy of keeping her around because he has a crush on her. Timmy insists it should be Kayla, and Percy threatens to triple the rent.

Hannah enters, explaining how she accidentally recommended Human Centipede to some parents for their kids. Hannah claims it's not her fault since she was very open in her job interview about not knowing anything about movies. She leaves, and Timmy defends her.

Hannah returns, with a furious school superintendent on the line, and leaves the phone with them. Timmy begrudgingly agrees to fire Hannah.

As Timmy and Percy emerge from the back, they are confronted by Eliza, Connie, Hannah, and Kayla, asking them if someone is getting fired. Timmy and Percy confirm the truth, but Timmy can't bring himself to tell them who it is.

Carlos joins the group, asking why no one has done their Hollywood Harold picks, and the others tell him the news. Before Timmy can tell them who he means to fire, Kayla quits, stating that the job sucks, and heads off to the back. A customer interrupts with a movie request.

Later that evening, Eliza and Connie have a chat about Kayla, which turns into a discussion about Eliza's difficult relationship with her daughter. Connie insists it's not a problem -- if Ali is lashing out, it means she's working through her pain.

Eliza complains that Aaron is the one who cheated, and it's unfair that Ali takes out her anger on her. Connie notes that it's because Ali feels safe enough with her mom to do so and reassures Eliza she is a good mom.

Hannah checks on Carlos, who is still working on the Hollywood Harold wall. Carlos explains that when his family moved to the US when he was five, they only had one channel, and Hollywood Harold was on it. Carlos learned how to speak English from the many movies he played, and Harold inspired Carlos's love of film.

Hannah presents Carlos with a plaque for the section, which they will dedicate to Harold. The news plays a shocking turn of events about Harold -- he had over 50 dead ferrets in his basement. Hannah turns it off and leads Carlos away.

Eliza checks on Timmy in the back. They commiserate that being the parent (even the "Blockbuster daddy") is a thankless job. Awkwardly, he expresses how important she is to the store and to him. Eliza tells Timmy how proud she is of him.

Percy begs Timmy to rehire Kayla, but he refuses. Percy explains that he wanted Kayala to work at Blockbuster so he had an excuse to spend more time with her. Percy offers to pay Kayla's salary if Timmy rehires her.

Kayla comes out from the back, and Timmy tells her she doesn't need to quit. Kayla shrugs but agrees.

Percy and Eliza note how parenting is hard. As they head to the front, they hear car alarms.

Outside, amidst all the cars in the lot blaring and flashing, they spot two youths. Timmy groans, "They're back!" The two youths run off.

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Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

You can’t always be everyone’s friend when you’re trying to do what’s best. And it sucks.


You’re kinda like our Zuckerberg, except you’re not gonna destroy democracy and you don’t eat your own hair.