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In front of all the staff (except Connie), Timmy unboxes a piece of film memorabilia he got from Hollywood Harold's estate -- the plate upon which Anthony Hopkins served Ray Liotta his own brains in the film Hannibal.

Connie arrives late. After the rest of the staff mock her, she informs them she was at the funeral of her best friend, Helen. The work printer is printing a lot of documents.

Eliza has printed tickets for a self-help seminar about marriages after infidelity. The staff notices how Timmy lets Percy use the printer a lot and how he allows Percy to walk all over him. Timmy insists that nobody "gets" his and Percy's relationship.

Timmy tells them how Percy even let Timmy stay at his place when his parents divorced. Percy shows up for his papers, and Timmy goes out with him, laughing.

Eliza approaches Connie and apologizes for her hurtful words. Connie laments the loss of her friend and all the things they did together, including collecting "Intimate Angels" figurines, which are highly collectible but which Eliza finds disturbing. They help a customer find The Da Vinci Code.

Eliza offers to be Connie's telenovela-watching buddy, slightly overwhelmed when Connie tells her there are sixty seasons.

Carlos, Hannah, and Kayla discuss Timmy and Percy's co-dependent relationship. Kayla confirms that her dad is not a great person. Carlos decides to confront Timmy about it.

Carlos approaches Timmy and asks him to consider his relationships. Timmy takes this to mean there has been some progression in Aaron and Eliza's relationship. Carlos tells him it's not, and Timmy assures Carlos that he's over Eliza and is dating -- not anyone in particular, but just dating in general.

Carlos tells Timmy he needs to ask for respect and boundaries from Percy, much like Timmy did with his parents. Timmy shoots the idea down.

They smell something awful and head to the breakroom, where Percy is heating fish in the microwave. When he removes it, they find he has used the Hannibal plate for his meal. This is Timmy's last straw, and he vows to do something about it.

With an episode of El Espia y La Tia on pause, Connie tries to explain the convoluted backstory of Gabriella, Mateo, and Felipe to Eliza, but she's just not getting it. Connie gets frustrated.

Carlos and Timmy head to the party store, where Timmy intends to confront Percy. However, as soon as he sees his friend, Timmy falters.

When Percy gets on Timmy's case for not hanging out as much, Timmy responds with all the negative ways Percy has treated him over the years. Timmy lays down the law, urging Percy to stop taking advantage of him. Percy vows to be a better friend.

Eliza complains to Kayla and Hannah that she cannot be Connie's telenovela-watching buddy. They want her to see her old friend Yolanda, but she lives too far away. Hannah brings up her dad, and Eliza suggests that he and Connie become friends, but Hannah says her father can't be friends with women.

Carol comes in and asks Carlos if she can use the bathroom. He allows it. Rene and some friends come in and ask the same. Carlos says they can go after Carol.

Kayla, Eliza, and Hannah decide to take Connie around the strip mall in search of friends of a similar age.

They take her to Hot Piece Of Bass, the dog groomer's, and the parking lot. In the parking lot, they meet someone perfect, who loves the same telenovela, but lives an hour away, which is unacceptable.

More people from around the mall show up at Blockbuster to use the bathroom. Percy arrives and informs Timmy that he's shut down all the bathrooms in the mall for plumbing maintenance but left the one at Blockbuster open.

Connie is on the phone with Helen's daughter, who asks about the Intimate Angels figurine, of which Connie denies knowledge. Eliza, Hannah, and Kayla approach Connie and apologize for not being able to find her a new friend.

Eliza goes to hug Connie but accidentally knocks over the Intimate Angels figures, which falls to the ground and breaks.

The line for the bathroom has grown longer. Timmy explains to Carlos that Percy is super sensitive and escalates needlessly all the time, which is why Timmy always lets stuff go.

A woman, Carol's daughter, arrives as Timmy declares that no one can shit in his bathroom. Carol's daughter notes how happy she was to see a Blockbuster, as she loved them growing up but was turned off by Timmy's rant. She leaves.

Eliza takes Connie to the nail salon to fix the figurine with nail glue. Patrice, the salon owner, is awed to see the rare Intimate Angels figure. Patrice and Connie make a connection.

Timmy storms out, ready to confront Percy, but he sees Carol's daughter going back into Hot Piece of Bass and follows her in.

Timmy apologizes, notes he is the owner of the Blockbuster, and goes to leave. She introduces herself as Lena. She came to help Carol after her nephews (Evan & Trevin) fell through the skylight.

Timmy stammers, blabbers, and gives her a very corny pick-up line. He asks if she wants to go for a drink after he punches Percy in the face.

Timmy confronts Percy. Percy admits that he misses Timmy and worries that Timmy will "outgrow" him, like his ex-wife. Timmy explains that he is trying to establish boundaries and has to work harder to keep his business open. Percy understands, and they laugh together.

After work, Patrice and Connie go out for drinks. Patrice has never heard of El Espia y La Tia, but it sounds up her alley. They exchange numbers and clink drinks.

Lena and Timmy enjoy beers together, laughing. Eliza brings Hannah and Kayla in to see Connie and Patrice, but Eliza spots Timmy with Lena, gets flustered, and leaves. Outside, she sees Percy's airstream blocking her into her parking spot.

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Last week he printed his own 15-page bridge to “Uptown Funk.” He’s a shockingly proficient lyricist, but still.


It's a commemorative plothole.