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Eliza shows off Aaron’s billboard to Carlos and Connie. Timmy enters with a cash box, informing them that their Blockbuster is finally in the black.

Hannah visits Timmy in his office, informing him that she had only just deposited her last four paychecks simultaneously. Timmy realizes that this means the store is not in the black after all.

Eliza gives a customer some advice. Another customer, a young blonde woman, asks about an Adam Sandler movie. As soon as Eliza sees the young woman, she nopes out of there and into the break room.

Connie follows Eliza and deduces that the customer is Aaron’s Erin, the woman he cheated on Eliza with. Connie has been following Erin on Facebook ever since she found out Aaron cheated on Eliza with her.

Eliza admits she created a fake account to follow Erin and has been reporting her posts. Connie comforts Eliza.

Carlos and Hannah watch the news. The newscaster announces the solar storms may be strong enough to knock out internet service indefinitely.

Hannah tells Carlos she has just found out she can’t apply for community college because her father never submitted her home-school paperwork, so she’s technically not a high school graduate. She will only be allowed to enroll if she passes the placement exam. Unfortunately, the deadline is tonight.

Timmy is on the phone with the bank, trying to convince them that he is on his way with a cash deposit.

As Timmy heads out, he passes the break room, where he sees Eliza crying and eating doughnuts. He tries to discern what’s wrong, but she doesn’t want to talk about it or be alone. Timmy offers to take her to The Ripped Donkey so they can get drunk.

At the Donkey, Timmy informs Eliza that he must get to the bank before it closes. He asks her what’s going on. Eliza rants about Girl Erin and chugs her beer.

Back at Blockbuster, Carlos and Connie present Hannah with a practice placement exam, encouraging her to take it. They even offer to study with her.

Timmy tells Eliza that when his mom and dad used to fight, his mom would always take him out for a “Special Guy Day” to make him feel better -- the mall, the amusement park, go-kart rides, the works.

Eliza is dubious, saying she’d prefer to drink and be miserable. Timmy turns on the jukebox and says she can have the rest of the day off.

MONTAGE (to "ABC" by the Jackson 5):

  • Carlos and Connie help Hannah with math problems.
  • Timmy takes Eliza to the leggings store, then back to the bar for banana splits shots.
  • Connie gives Hannah a history lesson about World War II by watching Saving Private Ryan.
  • Still at the Donkey, Timmy attempts the claw machine and pulls out a fluffy yellow duck with a human dick.
  • Lena comes into Blockbuster with a taxidermied bear to give Hannah an anatomy lesson.
  • Timmy and Eliza get photos in the cramped photo booth.

Connie and Carlos peek in at Hannah, who is taking her test online. Carlos and Connie return to the store floor and pretend to stock shelves as Hannah emerges.

Hannah reveals that she failed, citing too much pressure and inability to focus in the quiet break room. Hannah realizes she needs the chaos and din of home to relax. Carlos believes that he and Connie could recreate it.

Timmy calls the bank, assuring them he will be there soon, and asking if it will be an issue if he doesn’t have enough money. Eliza returns from the bathroom and thanks Timmy for her ”Special Guy Day.”

Timmy tells her that his special days with his mom got weirder as he got older, realizing she was avoiding his dad by spending time with him.

Eliza tells Timmy about her woes and mentions that she is looking for a new job but hasn’t had any luck. She worries that he’s mad at her, but he assures her that could never happen.

Timmy heads out to go to the bank but realizes that Eliza is drunk and miserable. He tells her the most important part of “Special Guy Day” -- she gets to choose one thing to do. Eliza wants to tell Girl Erin off, so they head back to the Blockbuster. Naturally, Erin is long gone.

Eliza continues complaining and then realizes she is just like Timmy’s mom. Eliza put all her attention into Girl Erin when she should have confronted her feelings about Aaron -- that she is really mad at him. Eliza figures out what she wants to do.

Carlos and Connie set the scene for Hannah -- hot Dr. Pepper, talking Ted bear, microwaving popcorn, sports blaring on the television, and lots of yelling. Hannah starts the exam for a second time.

Eliza and Timmy go to Aaron’s billboard and throw powdered doughnuts at it.

Carlos and Connie wait for Hannah. They help a customer (who has a thing for Jamie Kennedy) rent “Son Of The Mask.” Hannah emerges and announces that she has passed the exam. Carlos and Connie cheer.

The Uber arrives back at Blockbuster. Eliza snoozes on Timmy’s shoulder. He gently wakes her. Eliza insists they keep driving, but Timmy says he has work to do.

As Timmy gets out of the car, Eliza thanks him for her day, then bids the Uber driver to take her to McDonald's. Timmy knocks on the door of Hot Piece Of Bass, where Lena is just leaving. Hand in hand, they head out together.

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Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

A world without the internet. Would Mark Zuckerberg turn to ash like a vampire?


Hannah: You could just pay me in quarters. It’ll go a lot further because the solar storm will reduce us down to bartering our precious metals.
Timmy: You gotta stop listening to your dad’s trucker radio.