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Eliza and Timmy decorate the store for Christmas. The staff members watch the newscast, where anchor Remington Alexander warns of the impending solar storm.

Eliza thinks it's fear-mongering, but Hannah insists it's real. Connie shows up with a Lil' Stevie movie poster.

Timmy explains that since rentals aren't covering costs, they are doing more special events -- like inviting former child star Lil' Stevie for a meet and greet.

Connie laments that she hasn't heard from her best friend Patrice in two days and worries that Patrice is mad at her.

Timmy tells Lena that the pre-sales from the Lil' Stevie event will help pay the rent for Blockbuster for the next two months. Things are looking up.

Timmy starts an important conversation with Lena when Lena gets a text from her mom and must head back to Hot Piece Of Bass before chaos ensues.

In the break room, Hannah confides in Carlos that Aaron will re-propose to Eliza again tonight at Blockbuster. Carlos agrees to film it and says he may also have some exciting news soon.

Kayla and Percy walk together outside, marveling at the line-up of people waiting to see Lil' Stevie. Kayla and Percy quietly make fun of the nerds.

Eliza and Timmy stroll the "Winter Wonderland" of the store, pleased with the decorations. Eliza and Timmy happen to stand under some mistletoe, and Eliza immediately says how awkward it would be if they kissed.

Lil' Stevie arrives, citing the solar storm for causing his delay. He tells them to please call him just Stevie. Hannah announces that they have sold out the event.

Stevie admits that he is very nervous and hasn't been in front of a crowd in ten years. As Timmy, Eliza, and Hannah go to warm up the crowd, Stevie takes a drink from a flask to calm his nerves.

Timmy and Eliza warm up the crowd with some trivia. Stevie comes bursting through the poster and falls down.

Timmy suggests Stevie do his catchphrase. Stevie responds by imitating catchphrases from famous Black characters. Timmy whispers to him his catchphrase, "But I'm too young to be Santa" (also the movie title).

Stevie says his catchphrase, and the crowd cheers. Timmy realizes that Stevie is drunk.

In the store, Timmy tells Stevie to keep it together and stop drinking. Stevie sits down on the Santa chair and starts signing DVDs. Stevie is inappropriate to the first child in line and tells him his mom looks like a porn star.

Timmy tries to cover for Lil' Stevie, but the crowd disperses, disappointed and offended.

Carlos serves a hot drink to a child and gets an email from the film school. He discovers that he wasn't accepted.

Timmy checks in with Connie to see how many refunds she has processed -- it's a lot.

Stevie approaches Timmy, asking where everybody went. Timmy tells Stevie they all left because of his behavior and tells him to go, but Stevie won't because he's too drunk to drive.

The lights in the store begin to flicker. Hannah, Connie, and Timmy head outside, to see the sky lit up with green and blue light -- it's the solar storm. Timmy heads to the bar for a drink.

As Carlos mopes in the break room, a trio of acapella singers -- the Jingle Bills -- arrive. Carlos deduces that they are here for Aaron's proposal, which they confirm, asking if he's the one who's going to film it.

Carlos says he's not a filmmaker, gives them his camera, and tells them to get Hannah to film it.

Dustin heads up to Kayla at the counter, who is selling toilet paper for $5 a roll. Connie asks Kayla to call Patrice -- she doesn't want to seem pushy. A customer asks to use the landline, as cell phones aren't working.

Eliza asks Kayla if she has seen Timmy -- if he's feeling down, he'll need Eliza to cheer him up. Kayla is overwhelmed by everyone and storms away.

At the Donkey, Timmy complains to Lena. He recounts how his mom used to put out one Christmas decoration every year -- a reindeer -- but it kept getting stolen by neighborhood kids, and eventually, she stopped. Timmy wonders if he should just give up.

Lena tells him that what she likes most about him is his optimism. She also refers to him as her boyfriend, which cheers him up.

Percy approaches Kayla and reminds her of a time when she had colic as a baby, and he stayed up late watching Celebrity Grappling -- which Lil' Stevie was on.

Kayla tells Percy he is a dork, just like the rest of the fans. Percy is confused at her attitude, as he thought they were finally getting along.

While the Jingle Bills (all named Bill) warm up, Hannah sets up the camera.

Eliza heads to the Donkey, where she finds Timmy drinking. She is concerned at first, but then Lena returns with another round, and Eliza covers by being overly friendly.

Car horns blare outside. Timmy, Eliza, and Lena head out, seeing many customers flocking to Blockbuster. With the solar storm, streaming services are down, and people will need DVDs for entertainment. Timmy hugs Eliza and Lena.

In Blockbuster, business is booming. Eliza sees Timmy and Lena kissing, and is downhearted. Hannah finds Eliza and asks her to come to the break room.

Kayla rings through the long line of customers with cash only, while Connie bemoans her loss of Patrice. Kayla urges Connie to pull herself together and help serve the customers.

Patrice comes in to confront Connie for never calling her back. They realize that neither can remember who was the last to call or text. They declare that they both value their friendship, and hug it out.

Patrice announces that she was planning a big Christmas surprise -- she is taking Connie to the Paris hotel in Las Vegas!

Eliza enters the break room, where the Jingle Bills are singing. Hannah films. Aaron re-proposes.

Timmy wanders into the background and watches part of it, then quickly and quietly leaves. Aaron doens’t see Timmy, but Eliza does.

Eliza tells Aaron, "No." Hannah slowly backs away.

Timmy comes back out, a little shaken. He accidentally calls Lena Eliza, and Lena says they should cancel their date tonight, saying she needs space. Danielle asks Timmy for a movie about a pig that's not Babe.

Carlos finds Steve sitting on the floor smoking. At a loss, Carlos sits down on the floor with him. Stevie is sad that everyone just came to make fun of him.

Carlos is discouraged because he didn't get into film school. Stevie assures him that Hollywood is filled with rejections, and that shouldn't stop him from trying. Carlos feels a bit better. Stevie passes out.

Eliza and Aaron sit down to talk. The Jingle Bills give them some privacy.

Eliza tells Aaron that just because he's been doing everything right since he cheated doesn't fix the fact that he did cheat and that they had problems leading up to that. She says it doesn't feel right between them anymore, and they owe it to themselves to try and be happy.

Eliza tells Aaron she has feelings for someone else, and he guesses Timmy. She apologizes and leaves him alone. The camera has been filming this whole time.

Timmy tries to break up a fight between two moms who both want to rent "Snow Buddies." Eliza approaches him and says there is something she needs to tell him.

Percy finds Stevie, telling him he's a huge fan. He asks Stevie to sign a copy of Celebrity Grappling, but Stevie refuses and excuses himself.

The fight between the moms escalates.

Percy continues to harass Stevie, who gets loudly defensive.

Eliza keeps trying to express her feelings to Timmy.

The moms get physical.

Stevie shoves Percy into a shelf of DVDs, knocking it over.

A riot breaks out. Customers loot the store, stealing DVDs, posters, decorations, and candy.

In the aftermath, the store is empty and trashed. Kayla sits on the floor with Percy, and he realizes that she still cares about him.

Kayla explains that she was mad earlier because she actually cares about Blockbuster and was angry that Stevie was ruining everything, so she took it out on her dad, the person she is closest to.

Timmy surveys the wreckage. Eliza reassures him they can clean up and get it back to normal again. Timmy wonders what the point of it is and declares himself done with Blockbuster.

Hannah finds the video of Eliza confessing feelings for Timmy to Aaron.

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This is Y2K all over again. They said the computers would shut down, so my dad panicked and printed out all his porn. Nothing happened except I had to use the other side of that porn to print out my essay on Gatsby.


The solar storm is real. It’s why China built a second sun.