On the Run - Blood & Treasure
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Danny and Lexi have swallowed Cleopatra's trail to Casablanca. Fabi tells Lexi her father wasn't in the Brotherhood of Serapis. Danny and Lexi are on the run. Carlo's thugs try to catch Danny while Gwen battles Lexi. Then they escape, with Lexi bleeding. They hide out in a UN refugee camp. A medic named Aya treats Lexi's arm. She refers them to Salim Le Mer. Le Mer plans to capture them and sell them to Carlo. They spot Aiden playing piano at Le Mer's club. He's giving customers the "Casablanca" experience. He says he'll introduce them to Le Mer after they clean up. Aiden tries to convince Lexi to join him as business partners. Simon gets abducted by the Brotherhood. He is interrogated by a masked Fabi. Danny and Lexi negotiate with Le Mer. Danny, Lexi and Aiden go to interview a woman who makes Cleopatra-inspired jewelry. They find Cleopatra's outer sarcophagus inside a counter at her shop, after Gwen and the police bust in on them. But her coffin is gone. Gwen deposits Danny and Lexi at a local stash house. Looking for wine, Lexi discovers a briefcase full of cash in a secret compartment. Lexi fears she and Danny are star-crossed lovers, like Antony and Cleopatra. Danny finds Lexi's burner phone and confronts her. She won't tell him with whom she's texting, and he makes her stay behind when he goes to capture Omar. Lexi follows anyway, running along the rooftops. Carlo's thug spooks Omar and a chase begins. Gwen busts Omar. Then she arrests Danny, at the FBI's request. Carlo takes the bounty off of Danny since he captured Omar, his son's killer. Lexi sends Aya home to Norway with Aiden. The stolen cash ends up at the refugee camp. Lexi turns herself in to Gwen. 

Blood & Treasure
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Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Find them, treasure hunters and terrorists, and kill them all.

Carlo [to Cesare]

Fabi: You have a way of putting yourself on the radar.
Lexi: Thank you.
Fabi: It wasn't a compliment.