Following the Clues - Blood & Treasure
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Lexi asks her friend Erica to restore Farouk's letter to her father. Carlo Velardi interrupts Omar's dig seeking protection money. Lexi gets a lead on Jessica Wong, an Egyptian antiquities buyer, who might be able to lead them to Farouk. Danny and Lexi crash Jessica's party in London using fake identities. Simon Hardwick is also at the party and he threatens to blow Danny's cover. Simon wants to help them find Cleopatra, for a cut of any profits. Lexi and Danny's covers are blown, but Danny threatens to have Interpol raid the party. Jessica said she didn't know she was dealing with Farouk. He had her purchase land in Spain as payment for her antiquities. Danny and Lexi ride on horseback to the site in the Andalucian Mountains. They decide to follow the route of the Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida. After sleeping with Jessica, Simon breaks into her private collection and finds a Brotherhood of Serapis pendant. Danny discovers Farouk's men are digging in the wrong place. Danny finds the missing Nazi train from 1944 but Cleopatra is gone. Velardi, who blames them for a police raid in Rome, finds them. Omar and his men catch up to them and make Danny and Lexi dig inside the train. Lexi surprises his men with a Molotov cocktail. Then Omar's men and the Velardis get into a shootout and Carlo's son gets killed. Danny and Lexi steal his truck and escape. Danny checks where Omar's men were digging and figures out the Nazis on the train headed to Casablanca. Danny had tried to arrest Erica, who is a forger. Erica says the letter was a forgery. Fabi meets with Lexi, and says Gwen wants to bring them in for questioning. Simon tells Lexi her father was in the Brotherhood. 

Blood & Treasure
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Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

So [Gwen] can laugh. Nice to know.

Lexi [to Danny]

Danny: Who goes to confession at dawn?
Chuck: Old ladies. They travel in packs.