In Need of Patrick's Help - Blood & Treasure
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The FBI wants Danny to get his dying father Patrick, a convicted art thief, to reveal where the paintings are from a famous Boston museum heist. In exchange, Danny wants an old file from the FBI that might reveal where the Nazis went after Casablanca. Fabi and Gwen interrogate Omar about Farouk's next move. Farouk has a scientist create a biological weapon. Danny recalls the planning and aftermath of the heist. Danny and Lexi meet with Patrick. He tells Danny to visit his mother, who is buried in Texas. His mother's photo from Danny's hidden lunchbox has the name Tim Keeler on its back. They are attacked by a man and a woman who want the photo but they crash out a window and escape. Patrick's brother Chappie says Keeler is the one who escaped with the paintings. Keeler is living in Cuba and the FBI is sending Danny and Lexi to Cuba to retrieve them. Until Danny does that, he can't get the file he wants. Farouk wants Omar dead. Danny turned in his father. Danny and Lexi capture Keeler, who couldn't sell the paintings because they were too hot. He keeps the paintings in a case under his bar. He still had nine of the paintings. The woman who pursued them earlier kills Keeler before he could tell for whom he was working. To escape them, Danny throws the art case in the fire, filled with car posters he had substituted earlier. Then he retrieves the real paintings to take back to Boston. A fake lawyer poisons Omar. Patrick gets moved to a hospital. The missing painting is called The Death of Cleopatra. Lexi tells Danny that Fabi is in the Brotherhood of Serapis. Gwen finds out the burner number Danny gave her belongs to Fabi.

Blood & Treasure
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Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Lexi: Let me get this straight: you've given me grief since we met about my career choice.
Danny: Thief is not a career.

I do what I do for money. I'm not even religious, bro.

Omar [to Fabi]