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On the latest installment of Blue Bloods...

- Mischa Grishenko, a Russian mobster’s son, was shot to death at his engagement party while in the backroom with a woman who was not his fiancé, Sofia.

- Frank tried to put away Mischa’s father but Maximillian Grishenko only got four years in prison and is now free.

- The owner of Club Tatiana is tortured and killed by Grishenko as he searches for Mischa’s killer.

- Jackie knew Anna, Sofia’s mother, in high school.  During their interview, Sofia mentions her jealous ex-boyfriend, Sergei Sokolov.

- Sokolov’s van explodes with him inside.  Somehow he survives long enough to tell Danny and Jackie the name of the mystery woman who was with Mischa when he died.  Her name is Svetlana and she used to work at Anna’s dress shop.

- When confronted, Anna confesses that Svetlana only thought she was taking Mischa in the back room so Anna could get compromising pictures of him to show Sofia.  She didn’t know Anna was going to shoot him.  Anna says she did it to save her daughter from following in her footsteps and marrying into the mob.

- The investigation also uncovers that the bomb in Sokolov’s van was built by Boris, Mischa’s best friend.

- Danny tells Boris that building bombs is now a federal crime and he may be eligible for the death penalty.  Boris decides to testify that Grishenko ordered the hit.  Danny is able to arrest Max Grishenko, finishing what Frank started years ago.

- Deputy Mayor Randy St Claire is arrested for corruption.  The DA puts Erin in charge of the case.  People within the DA’s office as well as her own grandfather Henry believe Erin is being put in charge of the case for political reasons.

- Erin realizes the case is weak and investigates further.  She digs up more dirt on St. Claire’s bagman, Josh Saunders and is able to prosecute St. Claire.    Rossellini takes Erin out for drinks in celebration and kisses her as they leave the bar.  Erin kisses him back.

- Renzuli tells Jamie that Lydia Gonsalves, killed herself.  She was the now retired cop who worked warrants with Joe Reagan before he was killed.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Jackie: It was either St. Anne's tartan plaid or a chastity belt.
Danny: I'm guessing by the age of her daughter it wasn't the chastity belt that she chose

I was getting ready to call in a missing persons on you. No worries. Victim's still dead.