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There is a robbery at a store. Meanwhile, Erin and ANthony are called to the scene of an arson. One of the victim dies, turning it into a murder.

Baez and Danny talk to a doctor who says a patient died of an OD of a designer drug and said she was poisoned before she died.

Frank talks with the monsignor, who wants him to investigate a complaint against a priest that he thinks is spurious. A pedophila accusation.

Two people refuse to leave the hospital room of the girl in a coma. They say the girls are models and are shocked to hear one of them has died.

Eddie talks to a witness who says that kids are getting in trouble because of a teacher's strike and them being the kind of kids who slip through the cracks.

ADA Wilson fails at refusing to talk to the press.

Sid is uncomfortable looking into a priest. Call a guy from SVU who is an atheist. Frank tells him to cut that out. He just wants to get to the truth. If the priest is innocent they will get a lawyer to deal with the fraudulent charges. And also he wants Sid to keep this convo between them.

Erin talks to Wilson about the press. She should have said no comment. Wilson says Erin has talked to the press before. She saw a case from 2009. and says she's trying to follow Erin's lead. Erin says then learn we serve the people of the city. Wilson feels undermined. Erin takes her off the case.

Danny and Baez interview James. They have a photo of him with the girls in a nightclub. If he cared he would know what they were on. He says he doesn't know who the dealer was and put the girls in a cab.

Jamie and Eddie watch security footage and realize that Mia, the witness, didn't call 911 and seemed to know the perps.

Erin and Anthony suspect that the guy who saved people from the burning building set the fire.

Mia denies knowing the kids. She says they've been through a lot. Jamie disagrees that that's the point.

Wilson talks to Anthony. He says she didn't live up to Erin's standards. He says Erin could have fired her but didn't. Wilson didn't know that. She asks what she can do. Anthony says she is going to have to admit to the mistake, get her some chocolate and write her an apology letter, and grovel.

Danny and Baez talk to the "den mother" who is not cooperative and wants to be left alone. Danny isn't having it and she finally gives a name.

Frank tells the monsignor there is no evidence of wrongdoing but the priest has an unusual relationship with an 11-year-old. He suspects the priest is the boy's father. The monsignor didn't really want to know and no says e must fire the priest but Frank says he doesn't have enough info for that.

Frank comes to see the priest. He tells him and his assistant (the kid's mother) that he knows her name and er son's name. The priest understands. Frank says he's not a cop -- he's an administrator -- and he doesn't think the priest broke secular laws. However he knows when he's getting a whole story and when he's not. The priest explains he had a one night stand 12 years ago and a few years later met his son. He couldn't deal with not being able to be a father to the boy. Frank understands.

Eddie has arrest two boys. One says he's 18 but he won't talk without the other kid, who is his younger brother.

Danny has arrested a guy who had a lot of drugs. He says he never heard of the kids who died. He says the lady bought the drugs and that she gave him the heads up. It was Jules. anny informs Baez and they head out to try to stop Jules from running away.

Wilson comes in and gives Erin a tip on the case as well as an apology letter. She says she's the first person in her family to graduate college and if she had been fired... she thanks Erin and leaves.

The kids say they don't know anything. They will be separated since one is a juvenile. Jamie mentions the expensive cameras the kids stole. They don't know what he's talking about. The younger kid can't take it and tells the cops that Mia put them up to this. Jamie says if they tell everything he will talk to the DA.

Erin and Anthony talk about the case. There is no security footage because of an "upgrade" that coincides with what Wilson said to the press. Erin has an idea.

Danny thinks checking Jules' residence is a waste of time. They go anyway and find a dog barking at a door. Jules has hung herself but is not dead yet.

Danny is upset as Jules is taken away.

Erin and Anthony talk to Dan McCormick. Therewas a security camera hidden in the Martins' apartment. Anthony advises McCormick to come clean. He says he didn't mean to hurt anyone and when he realized they were home he tried to rescue them.

Mia is arrested.

Erin updates Wilson about McCormick and says her information helped them break the story. Wilson is glad she did something right. Erin says she appreciated Wilson's letter but she needs to get it right the first time from now on. She invites her to come to the arragnment. Erin gives Anthony the chocolates.

Erin updates the family at dinner. Danny thinks forgiveness is overrated. He says that most people ask for forgiveness because they can't forgive themselves. Erin asks what case is he upset about. Danny tells them about his case and how the suspect killed herself. Frank and Sean say they forgive Danny for being so harsh about it.

Frank meets with the Monsignor who doesn't like that he went to the priest. The monsignor has no choice but to move him. He says if he wants a relationship like this with his son he can leave the priesthood. He feels he can't break God's law. He says that priests aren't happy about being celibate. He and Frank both offer their blessings to one another.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 18 Quotes

Monsignor: It's the men in my position who have had a hand in moving the rotten apples to another barrel. So my word is diluted.
Frank: Why are you so certain he is innocent? If you want an investigation, we do it my way. The cop way.

Erin: Push them daily if you want any results by the end of the year.
Woman: It's April.
Erin: Exactly.