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Danny and Baez get in an argument with Erin and Anthony about being told how to do their jobs.

Jamie is giving out assignments. There's a lady that is angry about a missing body. Jamie tells Eddie that her dad called him and wants to get compassionate release. She doesn't want anything to do with him.

Meanwhile, Frank is uninvited from a meeting with the Mayor. Regina Thomas goes on TV and says retraining is impossible and they need to defund/repurpose police funding. A caller complains about police brutality against Black teenagers. REgina says she gets too many calls like this and thinks Reagan and his goon squad need to step back. Frank wants it turned off.  Frank sees no point in responding but Baker and Garett don't think so. Frank wants to check on the caller's claims.

A very upset Black woman is screaming about her dad's body being missing. Witten insists on arresting her. Eddie, more compassionate, lets her go and tells her they will find out what happened but she has to go. The woman says she's coming back tomorrow.

Baez and Danny are following a lead. The woman they are talking to says she doesn't recognize the woman and her son didn't come home yesterday. He's been acting strange, spending a lot of time in the basement. Danny goes to take a look. He finds photos of Madeline. Someone pushes Baez down the basement stairs.

Baez says someone pushed her. Danny goes up and discovers they are locked in. Baez has hurt her knee. Danny can't get any signal. He wants to move her in case someone comes through the door. 

Anthony tells Erin that Danny and Baez have not called him back. A Detective Raines from Long Island shows up. He says he is handling two homicides with a similar MO to Madeline. He has not heard from Danny or Baez. One of the victims was possibly a detective and went missing. 

Jamie doesn't like that Eddie let the lady go because she might burn down the place. Anyway he's worried that no one has heard from Dannhy or Baez. He tells Eddie he's probably worrying about nothing but then goes after she leaves.

Gormley says the units at the scene claimed this never happened. Garett says Frank has been invited onto the show but he doesn't want to do it because he doesn't want to get into it with the caller. Anyway Regina is here. She says she doesn't want to start a fight with him. He asks what they are fighting about? She says the NYPD being on trial.  Frank says even cops are entitled to a vigorous defense. He thinks every cop is being painted by the same brush. He deals with people who are unworthy of the uniform. She says every cop has the same uniform. Frank argues how does the cop know what he is walking in on? Regina thinks he has criminals in his ranks. He tells her to get her head out of her ass (really?) She's offended. He says this incident never happened. She wants he and his people to stand down.

Baez is crying. Danny says it's going to be okay. It turns out nobody told the boss where they were going. Baez says it's not her fault. Danny promises he'll get them out of this.  He is looking around with his flashlight and asks why she is so mad at him. Baez says he gets mad at everyone. She's hurt and in pain and scared. He has a perfect family and doesn't realize it. Danny wishes he could trade places with her right now. Baez says Reagan luck never runs out. He says it did for Linda and Joe (Sr.). He tries to find a way out and finds another body. He tells Baez he didn't find anything.

Frank tries to tell Regina that she shouldn't think cops are all the problem. She says it would be nice if he called out bad cops. He says he does.  He thinks that empathy goes onto two sides. The city is divided and neither side is listening. She thinks he won't listen if she doesn't scream. He says she's so sure she's right and has divided the world into heroes and Villains.

Jamie organizes a search for Danny and Baez. Joe Jr shows up and wants to help, claiming to the other cops he is a friend of the family.

Baker and Gormley tells Garrett that Frank is inside. Garrett comes in to show a letter to the Mayor to Frank. It's a resignation letter.  There is a PS saying that Frank feels it is impossible to do his job because of all the political tension and that it's important to be able to state inconvenient truths. Frank thanks him.

Danny and Baez sit together under a blanket. Baez was distracted thinking about what she wa like when she was 25 and how she became a detective that year and no one showed up to support her. Danny says he didn't know that.  The door opens. Danny gets his flashlight and gun. He finds a note that says you're next.

Eddie finds Anita on the street. Anita is just as angry as before. Eddie has found the body. There was a records mix up. Anita thinks it is on purpose. She wants to see the grave. Eddie doesn't know if visitors are allowed because of COVID. Anita is angry about that. Eddie decides she will find out.

Danny is trying to keep Baez awake since she hit her head. He says his protectiveness makes him a hothead. Cost him all his other partners. Baez says she loves him. Jamie and Joe ring the doorbell and Danny makes a lot of noise but they don't hear and the guy answering the door claims to have seen nothing.

Erin comes to see Frank. No word on Danny. She brought him coffee. He says he would call her first if he heard anything. He says his challenge these days is figuring out which fire to put out first. He says he's fine. She doesn't believe him. He asks what's on her mind. She says who says anything is? She tells him she and Danny had words last time she saw him. What if those were his last words? Frank says Danny knows she loves him and there was no sense in rehearsing a tragedy.

Jamie tells someone on the phone they are very close to an answer. Joe tells him he's not a great liar. Jamie says Joe Jr reminds him of Joe Sr. Joe knows nothing about his father. Jamie tells him about him. He also says it's weird Danny left a crime scene. A cop comes to see him about a victim's stuff. Joe wants to see it. He finds a card with an address to check out.

Jamie and Joe go to the house. There is a non-responsive woman seen through the window. Jamie hears Danny banging on the pipes. They call for backup and break into the house. They find the woman who answered the door the first time dead and call for ESU while they look for Danny. Jamie opens the door and Danny tells him they need an ambulance for Baez. Danny hugs Jamie while Joe watches.

Jamie finds out that the homeowner was murdered 3 hours ago. Danny asys they have a serial killer on their hands. He wants to get this SOB but he needs to go see Baez. Jamie inites Joe to help check out the house but Joe doesn't want to and doesn't want to go to dinner either.

Frank goes on the air. 

Anita rants to Eddie that people think they can do what they want to poor people. Eddie takes her to the grave and tells her she's sorry for his loss. Anita says last time she saw her dad they fought because she was dropping out to be with her boyfriend. He said the guy was a loser. He was right. He used to coach her basketball team and say a prayer every time. She says the prayer and thanks Eddie. Eddie goes off to give her time alone and calls the prison to say she will be at her dad's hearing.

Sunday dinner. Danny comes with Baez. Jamie tells her she deserves a medal for putting up with Danny. Erin agrees. Henry says Danny and Erin are always at it. Baez thinks it's a tough crowd. She can't remember the nice time she waas at a Sunday dinner like this. Sean can't remember the last time he wasn't. Frank is grateful they are both with them. He suggests Danny say Grace. They say the prayer together. Baez is smiling.

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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 1 Quotes

Baker: The mayor says he knows you're busy and don't need to go to his meeting tonight.
Frank: Won't need or shouldn't?
Baker: I don't know.
Frank: If you did know?
Baker: I get the sense the Mayor is keeping police business at arm's length.

Danny: Looks like Madeline put up one hell of a fight.
Baez: She was 25 years old. When I was her age I was living in Alphabet City with a guy named Dario.