Honoring Lenny's Memory - Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 3
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Joe's CI is in the hospital. Jamie talks to him about what happened. Joe says he will kill Ruiz. Jamie says you have a target on your back. Jamie knows about the sister. He heard the name when he was moving some girls with the traffickers.

Bugs has something to say to Danny. He doesn't like him very  mcuh at the moment.

Garett is tormenting Frank and Sid with a press release about the NYPD marching band. Baker interrupts to say Tess has been arrested again and used Frank's courtesy card. She hit a girl at the bar. Garett asks Frank if he's sorry he asked Lenny to give Tess his card.

Dnny is angry that Erin used Bugs as an informant when he's his CI. Anthony informs him that Bugs is now part of the Ace Double Treys. Danny can't believe it.

Frank goes to Rikers to see Tess. He wants to know what happened. She was su pposed to be six months sober. She says the wagon hit a rock. Frank says no. What happened? He realizes that Lenny died. She says it was last night. Tess wants to be let go. Frank said he couldn't do that.  She pulls the best friend card. Grank says he is honoring his best friend by doing what is best for his daughter.

The trafficking guy wants to move the girls to a safe house so they can lay down til they kill Joe. He wants to keep everything compartmentalized. Jamie asks what happens to the girls. The guy asks why. Jamie says it's risky to have them all in one place. The trafficker is sending them someplae where no one will ever see or hear from them again. Time for a fresh start.

Frank says they need more manpower in Harlem. Garett and Abigail push hi to talk about his grief. They can't believe he left Tess in lockup and tell him when the arraignment is. Frank says can we take this up after lunch, please?

Abigail doesn't understand why Frank didn't bail Tess out. Frank doesn't want to enable her. Abigail says he can't treat her like a Reagan. He says she is a person who broke the law. Baker says she thinks Tess must feel like the only person who understands how she feels turned his back on her.

Jamie's partner says he has to take a leak. Jamie opens the van and pretends to be looking for drugs. He takes Carla out and tells her to pretend to kick him and run but the other guy shows up and accuses Jamie of touching the girls so he has to put her back.

Joe tells Jamie that Ruiz and Quinn are partners. He gets mad that Jamie won't put a tracker on the van. They get into an argument. Joe says Jamie is right. Joe is worried Carla will be gone for good.

Danny confronts Bugs who accuses him of ulterior motive. Erin tells them to focus. Bugs doesn't want to help. Danny doesn't like how Anthony talks to Bugs. Erin and Danny argue over whose case it is. Bugs says he is not a perosn to them and accuses Erin of not caring. Danny says he will get the info out of Bugs.

Frank comes in and Abigail says Tess is in his office.

Tess finds a pphoto of her father with a fish. She didn't know he fished. He was bad at it and actually Frank caught the fish. She said she guessed she should thank him for the bail. Thanks for letting her spend the night her dad died in prison. Frank suggests she should honor her father's memory by staying sober. She says he doesn't have to act like he cares. Will he care when she is sentenced to time? Frank doesn't want to bend the law.

Bugs tells Danny he decided to help cause what the gunrunners are doing is not right. He wants no interrogation. He says he's leaving NY after this.

Joe gets some info about Ruiz froma bartender by threatening him. Joe warns him not to tell anyone about this conversation. He leaves and the guy immediately calls someone.

A guy shoots up a car and Joe comes up with a gun. The guy taunts him but Joe keeps telling him to put the gun down. The guy doesn't listen and Joe shoots him.

Bugs tells Erin he's been hired as a lookout and he was told to wait for a call. Erin calls the others outside and tells Danny this sounds like a setup. Danny says Bugs doesn't want to kill him. Anthony asks does he have a crush on this guy or what? Danny says no but he feels bad about his brother. Erin says this is making me think he's baiting you.

Jamie asks Joe if he lured Luis to the street on purpose.  Jamie is aggravated. Joe gets a text that Maria's awake.

Henry asks if Frank wants to talk about it. Frank doesn't. He asks who called him. Henry says that doesn't matter. He says what Lenny would want doesn't make it right. He insists he was there for her. He treated her like his own kid. Henry says you're not her father and she jus tlost hers, and she didn't know he existed tila few years ago. Maybe she wasn't looking for bail. He accuses Frank of hiding behind his shield.

Joe goes to see Maria. She says she tried to call him. Joe is sorry. He says she's safe now. Ruiz is... taken care of. He says they're close to getting Carla. How did Ruiz find out she was helping them? She followed him to a stash house but he saw her. He asks where it was and calls Jamie. Jamie says that's Fence's old place. He gets out his gun and tells FEnce they need to talk.

Bugs is startled by Danny who tells him to shush. He says he wants to tell Bugs something he never told anyone. The first year after his brother died, he felt freedom because the things that he used to use to hold himself back didn't matter anymore.

Danny and Anthony hide and plan to move in on the bad guys.  They see a truck and Anthony says it's a setup. All of a sudden Bugs shows up and starts begging the guys to get in the car cause it's cold. He creates a distraction. The rest of the guys are arrested. Bugs has a gun and shoots one of the bad guys before dropping the gun.

Jamie and FEnce go to the stash house. Someone slams the door when Fence asks for Quinn. Jamie tells him if he wants his deal with DA he'd better shut up and focus. Someone lets them in.

Quinn is mad they are there. Jamie hears a noise and says he didn't know the girls were here so they'll go. Quinn says no, you're here to stay.

Joe's boss wants to raid the house. Joe says to wait for confirmation ( he must have learned something frm last week)

Quinn takes the guys downstairs and wants a word with Fence. Jamie walks in Some guy confronts Jamie. Quinn comes back and says that Fence sold them out to the cops, Jamie says he's the cop. Quinn takes him hostage.

Joe raids the house and finds the girls. Someone tells him where Jamie and Quinn are. After a showdown, Joe shoots at Quinn and Jamie arrests Quinn.

Danny finds out from Erin that half the money from the buy is missing. Danny confronts Bugs who denies it. He says he didn't know about the second car. Danny thanks him for saving his life.

Jamie brings Carla to Maria. Jamie thinks that Joe likes Maria, which Joe denies. He says he's sorry h didn't follow Jamie's lead. Jamie doesn't think Joe will ever change and leaves.

Frank comes to the bar where Tess is working. She tries to guess his drink. He asks why she is working in a bar while trying to stay sober. She doesn't drink on the job and hates bars after being here. He gives her a card for a defense attorney. He says he's working on his eulogy and asks her to call Baker if she has anything to add.  She says he hated bagpipes. Frank says he'd love the old dogs bursting into tears, that's wha tbagpipes do. They talk about how Lenny always laughed at his own jokes. Frank is sorry. Lenny did love her so much. She was all he talked about. Tess says she has to get back to work and thanks him.  Frank invites her to Sunday dinner.

Jamie has cleaned up and come to Sunday dinner. Eddie comes in and says she wishes Jamie had kept the tattoos. Jamie is excited about the meal. Sean asks about the extra table setting. Not for Joe. For Tess, but it doesn't appear she was going to make it.

Frank makes a speech in memory of Lenny. They all toast to him.

A memorial plaque "to our great friend Treat Williams" displays before the credits roll.

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Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 3 Quotes

Tess: Wait. They call and YOU come?
Frank: Well, it is my name you dropped.
Tess: I figured it was more like a reference or something.

Bugs: Detective Reagan. What the hell are you doing here?
Danny: 10 months in there, I thought you might need a hot meal and a shower.
Bugs: You think I'm gonna break bread with you?