Eddie Faces Backlash - Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 2
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Danny gets a package, supposedly from Jackie, but it is a finger, from Dr. Walker. Danny calls Jackie.

A woman in holding wants to talk to Eddie.  She tells Eddie something terrible happened.

Joe is on an operation trying to catch a drug dealer.  He raids the hideout for Jamie and the traffickers are and runs rights into Jamie.

Anthony tells Erin that Eddie ccalled. The accused rapist is a sergeant in her precinct.

On a TV talk show, Chase says that he thinks there should be a give-person commisison instead of one commissioner.

Sid comes to see Jamie and Joe in a church since Frank is busy. They do a lot of yelling. Jamie won't do a joint operation with someone as inexperienced as Joe or have to worry about his safety. Joe has no intention of backng off.

At a press conference, a reporter blindsides Frank by asking hiim about Chase's indea. Frank says it's a terrible idea.

Eddie talks to Badillo is upset that hse called an  ambulance. What if the woman made it up? MacNichols stops the sergeant from arguing. He's mad Eddie doesn't have his back.

Joe tells this woman he's working with that there wasn't enough to hold the dealer. Maria complains that her sister is missing and she wants answers now. Joe says he is doing everything he can. Maria wants to ask around. Joe gives her money.

Jackie shows up and says she's here to show she's not dead. Also she got a package with nail polish and a note.

The Mayor comes to see Frank, all angry that Frank thinks his idea is terrible. Frank says he got blindsided. Chase says you blindsided me! He says Frank is blaiing eveyrone but himself for high crime and he has to hold him accountable.

Danny and Jackie talk to a reporter at the Ledger who talked to Walker. She has a recording of Walker saying the cops wouldn't help him so he's taking drastic measures.

Badillio is angry that Eddie didn't tell him and that she didn't tell him she was throwing cops under the bus. He says she does what she wants whenever she wants. Erin interrupts the argument. Badillo storms off. Erin and Anthony ask if it's okay. Eddie says Badillo is the only person besides Jamie she can trust and he's mad at her. Anthony and Erin tell her she did the right thing.

The trafficker says someone's snitching on them and he wants to eliminate Joe.

The woman says eveyrone's gonna believe the cop, not me. Erin says I can't help you if you don't tell me what happened. Eddie says she was assaulted once and didn't want to come forward but she did and the guy was charged. The woman says that Sergeant Samson said that if she didn't ahve sex with him he'd put her in prison and make sure she didn't get bail.

Anthony tries to talk to Badillo and says that Eddie messed up. He admires him for not asking for a new partner. Badillo realizes he would want Eddie to do what she did if it was his wife or daughter.

Joe thinks the fact that he has a target on his back means that he should be part of the investigation. Jamie says he doesn't want his help. He's got this. Joe says like when my dad died? Jamie tell shim to stay the hell away from him.

Sergeant Sampson wants to talk to Erin instead of the SVU DA. He thinks she will understand as a Reagan that cops are targeted by perps. Erin informs him they did a rape kit and DNA. Sampson claims she threw herself at him. He wants a deal. Erin says the charge is rape in the first defree. She was in custody, so she couldn't consent.  She won't make any other offer.

Sid goes to Frank about this situation. Frank says it's Sid's job to clean up this mess. There are also crime stats out and Frank wants a press conference but Garett says it's a bad idea. He thinks he needs to let the story died down. Frank says he's not the one who picked the fight.

Jackie admits to Danny she misses this and wants to nail Walker.  The reporter calls and says she has info. Jackie wants to tag along. Danny hears screaming over the phone when he calls the reporter to say he's almost there. Her house has been broken into and there is a rosary on the floor.

Eddie is alone in the locker room. She finds a rat in her locker and somone has written the word out.

Danny tells Baez that they got security footage. She's upset he didn't tell her he was meeting Diaz. She walks off and Jackie apologizes. Danny says he'll talk to her.

TARU has found that Walker's message came from the Staten Island Ferry.

Garrett attempts to end the press conference before Frank is ready.  A reporter asks about the mayor's plan. Another reporter asks about Teddy Roosevelt having a board of commissioners. Frank points out Roosevelt replaced the commissioner board with a single commissioner.

On stakeout Danny tries to apologize. Baez says it's not about Jackie but they see the suspect before they can continue the conversation. Time for a brief car chase that results on crashing into Walker. Walker complains it took them a long time to find him. However Diaz isn't in the car.

Joe Hill goes to his father's grave. Jamie meets him there. Jamie wants to set the record straight. He tells Joe to shut up and listen. He says Joe Sr insisted on being on the warrant squad over everyone's objections so stop blaming the family.  He tell shim to get off his high horse beacuse he's been doing this job and dealing with this loss a long time.  This is why he does not want to work with him. He doesn't want to have to worry a bout whether he did enough for him too.

McNichols says theyy're in a boys' club and that's why she doesn't appreciate Eddie making her look weak. Would Eddie have done the same thing if she were a man? Eddie says she would. McNichols knows about the rat in the locker. Eddie says she can handle it. McNichols wants her to file a complaint. She thinks she should do it to send a message that women stick together on the force.

Walker says he has to answer his questions or he won't cooperate. He wants to know why Danny isn't in a relationship when Linda's been dead five years. Has he ever fantasized about Baez or Jackie? Danny keeps saying where is Diaz? Walker says afraid she may end up dead like your wife? Danny says WHERE THE HELL IS SHE? Baez interrupts and says don't let him get to you.

Frank says to Chase that when he ran for mayor there was no committee to water things down. Chase says didn't you ever go to civics class? This country has been run by committees. Frank says he is not a committee guy and neither is the mayor. Chase says it's just something he floated in an interview. He complains Frank acts like he walks for him. He wants him to act like he's the boss at least in public. Frank says I'd like to think we work together.

Danny tells Walker he doesn't want ayone he loves to be put in danger again, especially against someone as smart as Jeremy. Walker says Jeremy didn't kill those women. Danny says that Jeremy did and kept Diaz alive. Walker insists Jeremy didn't have anything to do with this. Danny says Jeremy is the one who is in charge. Walker says stop it stop it,. He says it's his idea to keep her alive. They find out he put Diaz in her car.

Badillo tells Eddie he heard Samson was suspended. He is surprised that Samson is claiming consensual sex. He says he is glad she acted. She never wished for a different partner.

Jackie comes in. Danny has sent Baez home. Jackie says that getting JEremy to confess was a stroke of genius. She is going back to Long Island. There's no place for this here. She misses him, not the job.

Sunday dinner. Everyone has brought roast. Joe is there too. Henry laughs at this. Danny explains that Frank asks someone to bring a roast when he needs them to talk. Everyone wants to know what happened with Frank and the mayor. Joe says he has something to say. Jamie set him straight about a few things. He realizes taht everyone has tried to straighten him out but he is hotheaded, stubborn, ungrateful, etc. He never told them how much it means that they've accepted him as part of the family. Henry tell shim to lead them in Grace.

Maria tries to call Joe and some guy shows up with a gun. She says she just wants to find her sister. The guy shoots her and leaves.

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Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 2 Quotes

Jamie: I'm not running a joint operation here. Especially not with someone who has less time on the force than me! I gotta go. I'm gone too long, they start getting suspicious.
[Jamie leaves]
Joe: I've been on this mission three months. I have no intention of backing off.

Anthony: Just got a call from your sister-in-law. She's giving us a heads-up about a rape case.
Erin: Okay... why is she calling us?
Anthony: She's the one who took the complaint. The guy being accused... he's a decorated sergeant in her precint. How do you want to handle this?