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-Three teens are shot in the park for no apparent reason. Two of them die. Danny and Jackie search for answers.

-Danny is frustrated that there seems to be no motive for the shooting. These were good kids. It turns out a guy shot them because he didn't like how they were laughing.

-Nicki wants to take the subway to go out with her friends. Erin is concerned but relents and she and Danny follow the girl and her friends. Danny tells Erin that he and Frank followed Erin on her first date.

-DNA evidence exonerates a man who has spent 18 years in prison for rape. Frank was the arresting officer. The real rapist can't be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations at the time.

-Frank tells the real rapist that he and the NYPD will always be watching. Then he meets with the man wrongly accused as he is released from prison.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

So busy being stupid it's a wonder they can find time to get arrested.


Take a little more pride in our lame excuses, will you.