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-Danny shoots an armed suspect who ends up being Officer Tedesco, an off duty police officer who failed to identify himself. The officer is in critical condition and Danny is under investigation from internal affairs.

-Danny is placed on restrictive duty and his badge and gun are taken. Despite that, Danny stakes out a suspect whom he thinks Officer Tedesco was chasing. He's caught and ends up in even more trouble.

-Linda and the family are upset that Frank isn't helping Danny more. Frank says Danny is held to a higher standard and even though he thinks he did nothing wrong in the shooting, he did defy orders with his stakeout.

-The night of the shooting, Officer Tedesco tried to break up a fight between Tyler Lee and his mother. Tyler, a junkie got physical when his mom wouldn't give him money. But when Tedesco intervened, Mrs Lee hit him in the head with Tyler's gun.

-Tedesco's head injury may have disoriented him and been the reason why he didn't identify himself. Danny is reinstated and given back his badge and gun.

-Tedesco awakens at the hospital and forgives Danny for the shooting.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

If you guys aren't going prosecute these people we might as well shoot them in the street.


Maids off today, Danny.