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-The attorney defending Anne De La Mar is murdered right after sparing with Erin in court. Danny and Jackie investigate.

-The man received a text just before he was killed telling him where to meet to get information about a mysterious person known as "M"

-Erin is upset with Danny because the defense is using the mysterious M to create reasonable doubt. When Danny goes to meet M, he is almost run down.

-Danny is called to the stand by the defense and Erin gives him a hard cross examination.  Later, the two argue over Sunday dinner and Henry makes them both do the dishes.

-Danny finds M. He killed the attorney but wasn't the murderer of Samuel De La Mar. That turned out to be the husband whose wife was having an affair with the murder victim.

-A credit card used by the Commissioner's office has been used in a scam and has false charges. Garrett brings it to Frank's attention and it is traced back to Jimmy's restaurant. He is an old friend of Frank's.

-Jimmy's new partners are the guilty parties and Frank is relieved that his friend is innocent.  He continues to plan his birthday dinner at the restaurant.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Defense strategy 101. Throw buckets of mud and hope none of it falls on your client.


Why didn't you just come right out and call his men girls?