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Nicole Garland went in for some plastic surgery to surprise her husband and ended up dead. Little did she know her husband was having an affair. But Danny and Baez figure out that the surgeon gave her a pain medication that she was allergic to and it caused her death. Since Dr. Levine was already fighting a different malpractice suit, he dumped her body to try and avoid another.

Erin blows off Robert McCoy at a speed dating event only to find he's the defense attorney on her next case. McCoy took the case pro-bono because he feels he over prosecuted the same defended when he was a Brooklyn ADA and regretted it.

Erin eventually decides to a plea deal and the two decide to have dinner.

Frank ask Jamie to investigate the cold case of Michelle Lowe off the books. Jamie figures out that the neighbor killed her when she warded off his advances and threatened to tell his wife. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Don't even try testing my knowledge of high end shoes.


Linda: I live in a man cave you know.
Erin: I could use a little more of that. The man, not the cave.