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When Danny finds out his childhood friend, Mickey has serious ties to the mob he wears a wire and eventually has to arrest him.

Later when the mob bails Mickey out only to try to kill him, Danny comes to his rescue and convinces Mickey to testify and get his family into witness protection.

When a judicial ruling says that if an officer incorrectly uses the Stop and Frisk policy, he can be personally sued, Frank has to deal with the consequences as crime numbers rise. 

Frank asks the mayor to make a formal statement asking the public to report suspicious activity wherever they see it as that will give police officers reason to investigate individuals who may be carrying weapons or drugs. 

Frank tells his officers that the new ruling is the law and even if they do not like it they must leave their opinions at home and follow the law. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Mickey: How'd you get the shiner, Reagan? Step out of line with Linda?
Danny: Yeah, left my socks on the floor again.

Danny: It's not like I was an angel. I mean every time Mickey got in trouble I was right there with him.
Erin: Yeah, which is why Dad never liked you hanging around him and always kept you on a short leash.