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Detective Alex Fuentes ends up in the middle of a hate crime attack which outs him as gay. Since he's a witness Danny won't let him walk away. The assailants were wearing a River Glen High School jersey with the #51 on it.

Danny and Baez get assigned temporary new partners in Detective Fuentes and Detective Demarest when Demarest refuses to partner with Fuentes now that he knows he's gay. 

Danny comes up against resistance when the Chief of Police in the New Jersey town turns out to be the father of one of the suspects. So Danny devises a plan to get the man in his friend over the border in to New York where they are arrested. Danny and Baez let Fuentes and Demarest take the collar together.

Sister Mary teaches at the Catholic middle school that Frank attended. She comes to ask Frank if he can speak to the Cardinal about keeping the school from being shut down. 

When Frank is asked about his religion and his stance on gays at work, he says that he thinks the church is behind the times on this issues. The Cardinal asks him to issue and apology. In the end, Frank can't do it and he apologizes to Sister Mary for his lack of help

Jamie and Eddie get called to the scene of a stabbing. They run the victim to the hospital around the corner and the assailant follows and tries kill her again. Jamie takes him down but gets injured. 

Detective Hoffman steals Jamie's collar while he receives medical attention. Jamie decides to steal one from Hoffman. He uses info he gets from another cop and then from Erin to snag Hoffman's warrant to arrest a burglar known as Spidey boy. But when he and Eddie bring the suspect in, he hands him over to Hoffman to show him what it means to be a stand up cop.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

You do know the '50s was like sixty years ago?


The culture he's from, I'm from. There is no this day and age when it comes to being gay.