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Sgt. Delgado pitches his Juvistat program to Frank. Frank and Garrett like his pitch but Gormley doesn’t seem happy. Turns out Sid thinks that Delgado is having an affair with his wife. He tells Frank that either Delgado goes or he does. Frank is upset about the ultimatum and has Garrett try and figure out the truth. 

Garrett finds out that Gormley’s wife is having an affair but not with Delgado and he and Frank tell Sid. When Sid asks who the man is, Frank tells him he’ll have to ask his wife to find out. 

Nicky’s friend at college, Chrissy Watkins is a social activist who is being harassed online. When campus security doesn’t do anything, Nicky calls in Jamie and Eddie. They say that the comments aren’t actual threats and that the person posting them, Scott Keller, has no record.  Chrissy thinks the cops are only there to protect those in power. When she and Nicky head back to her dorm room, there are threats written on her door. 

Erin gets video surveillance of the person who wrote the death threats on Chrissy door and it turns out Chrissy did it herself. When Nicky goes to confront her, she finds Chrissy has attempted suicide. Chrissy survives and goes back home with her parents for a semester. Nicky tells her they’re still friends. 

Two female prisoners, Katrina Hamilton and Rose Butler, tunnel out and escape Bethany Correctional Facility. Danny arrested Rose but believed she shouldn’t have gone to prison. She shot and killed her abusive husband who threatened her and her teenage son. 

Marshall Morgan is in charge of finding the prisoners and he isn’t happy to see Danny’s name on her visitor log. Danny tries to get in touch with Eric, Rose’s son who is now 18. Rose cut Danny off of her visitor’s list when Katrina became her new cellmate a year ago. 

There’s video of Trina and Rose robbing a gas station while on the run. Danny tracks down Eric and finds he was helping Rose and Trina. When he won’t cooperate, Danny arrests him. Rose calls Danny who tries to get her to come back but Trina ends the phone call and is angry with Rose. 

Morgan threatens to make Eric talk. Danny tries again with Eric and he tells Danny that Trina talked to an old rival dealer, Rico. Danny ends up shooting and killing Trina after she shoots two US Marshals. Rose calls Danny. She wants to turn herself in but she wants Danny to come alone. 

Turns out Rose planned to kill Danny because she felt he was the reason she ended up in prison. Thanks to Baez bringing along Rose’s son, Eric, Danny is able to surprise her and get the gun. Rose is arrested and Danny swears he will still try to help. 


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

'Cause you know, sometimes friends help friends bust out of prison.

Marshall Morgan

Sgt. Delgado: Well, I never forgot the advice of my training officer, Lt. Gormley. Never bitch about a problem without pitching a solution.
Frank: He does have a way with words.