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A dozen candidates on the current class of police academy cadets cheated on their psych exam. The recruit discipline officer, Sgt. Vega, knew about it but refused to take action because they were all military veterans. Vega says that the new psych exam is prejudice against military veterans, that’s why he looked the other way. Frank has him reassigned. 

Frank takes the new test and as a former Marine, he realizes that the psych exam is flawed when evaluating veterans. Frank decides to call it a “mulligan” and retest the cadets himself. 

Jack says he wants to join the Marines when he graduates from high school. Linda is angry with Danny for not backing her in telling Jack he shouldn’t do it. Danny takes Jack to visit one of his fellow cops, also a veteran, who lost his leg. Linda is terrified that Jack will enlist but Danny tells her it is a decision he has to make for himself. In the end, after much family discussion, Jack decides to go to college instead. He’s afraid to tell Danny, who says he’s simply proud that Jack was able to make his own decision. 

John and Carla Redding want to see the five year old boy, Kyle, they gave up for adoption but the adoptive parents won’t allow it. Jamie and Eddie are called to the scene when the Reddings won’t leave. Jamie offers to help and has them talk to Erin. Erin recommends attorneys to them. The next day, the adoptive mother, Gwen Rice bursts in asking why the birth parents are suing her for custody. 

Apparently the Rice’s filed for separation before the adoption went through but didn’t update their case worker, which could invalidate their adoption. The next day, Kyle is taken from school. Turns out that the Rice’s marriage is a sham and Gwen is basically a single mom. Gwen plans to take Kyle to her hometown of Topeka, Kansas but after talking to Erin, she decides not to leave. 


Erin encourages Gwen and the Reddings to come to a compromise outside of court because that is what’s best for Kyle. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

You made a commitment. We keep our promises, end of story.


Danny: I will talk to him, man to man, father to son, and I will figure out where his head is.
Linda: You better get on the right side here, Danny.