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Frank gives Officer Clark a summons for littering when he catches him smoking on the job and throwing the butt on the sidewalk. He was also texting while on the job and is disrespectful to the Commissioner. He feels he shouldn’t get a summons because he’s one of “the good guys.”Later a cartoon is circulated of Frank with a rolling pin in one hand and a summons book in the other with the caption, “Nanny on the Loose.”

Frank takes the cartoon in stride but has already had Officer Clark placed on modified duty due to insubordination. Garret, Baker, and Gormley all feel that Frank has over reacted as no officer has ever been given a citation while in uniform. Even Danny and Jamie talk about what a good cop he is but that he frequently feels persecuted by authority. 

When Officer Clark decides to take a transfer to Long Island, Frank visits him in his precinct and tells him that that is unnecessary if he’d like to just put this behind him. Clark salutes Frank as he leaves.

Erin’s investigator, Anthony, realizes that his mother was conned out of $30,000. She wrote multiple checks to con man Frankie Reed who took advantage of her Alzheimer’s. Since she can’t remember what happened and the bank is no help, Henry wears a wire and pretends to be senile at a diner in the hopes of getting Reed to incriminate himself. Unfortunately, a friend blows Henry’s cover and Reed runs. 

Later, Erin has to stop Anthony from finding Reed and hurting him. She swears they’ll get Reed eventually. Turns out Henry’s old friend is the CEO of the bank where the checks were cashed. He feels horrible this happened at his bank and returns the $30,000 to Anthony.   

Sallie Jeffries an elderly woman is killed by a stray bullet while sitting in her living room but no one in the neighborhood is willing to talk because a local gang is involved.  Roxie Barnes, the leader of the gang has her attorney, Dominic Barbosa, who stonewalls Danny. 

When Danny realizes all the dealers on the streets are teenagers, he calls in the truancy officers to round them up. He tells Roxie that he’s going to do that every day until she gives up the shooter.  

Danny and Linda’s son, Jack skipped school to go get drunk with his friends. He even took a video of it and posted it online. His defense is that the app he used will delete the photos after two days. Danny and Linda are furious and take away his phone. 

Danny realizes that at least one of kids he picked up on the street probably took video of the fight that ended with the shot being fired that killed Sallie Jeffries. They pick up Terrell and find video of Roxie pulling the trigger. As they’re bringing Terrell into the station, Roxie tries to kill Terrell in a drive by shooting. 

Later, Danny and Baez give Roxie’s attorney a warrant for her arrest. Danny sees drops of blood on the porch and realizes Roxie is inside and arrests her. 


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Danny: In my experience, you run from cops means guilty.
Terrell: In my experience you don't run from the cops you're an idiot.

He smart assed me and then he refused a direct order. That doesn't happen.