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Liza Daniels visits Danny and Baez to complain that Emily Harrison, the woman who was handcuffed, beaten and raped by her former boyfriend Brandon Mitchell, is harassing her. Liza is dating Brandon and believes Emily is lying about what he’s done. Later, someone goes to Brandon’s door and shoots and kills him. Liza doesn’t see the shooter but assumes it is Emily. 

Emily turns herself in. Danny encourages her to speak with her attorney before making a statement. Emily says she went to talk to Brandon and tell him to leave Liza alone. Brandon got angry, grabbed her by the throat and shoved her against a wall. She pulled her gun out of her bag and shot him.

Brandon’s rich father has friends in the DA class, which makes this a high profile case. The DA wants Erin to prosecute Emily for murder in the first degree but Erin knows that the only attorney that Emily can afford isn’t up to the case. Erin asks the high-end attorney who once defended Brandon to take the case because although Brandon getting off may have been the right thing legally, it wasn’t justice. The new attorney threatens Liza with perjury and learns that she did see Brandon attack Emily, so it was self defense. 

Jamie and Eddie check out a call about a homeless person living in a parking garage beneath an apartment building. Tara Chandler and her seven roommates were evicted from their two bedroom apartment for having too many people in it. Tara’s job requires her to live in Manhattan but she can’t afford the rent, so she’s been living in a storage area in the parking garage.  Jamie and Eddie give her a warning and she agrees to move her things out by the end of the day. 

When Tara’s laptop is stolen, Jamie and Eddie get it back. When she has no where to go, Jamie asks Eddie to let Tara stay with her. When Eddie turns him down, he takes Tara home with him and when Eddie finds out, she isn’t pleased. Jamie accuses her of being jealous. Jamie eventually calls Tara’s boss and explains what happens. The woman comes to Tara’s rescue and offers to find a new home. 

Later, Eddie comes to Jamie and admits that she was jealous. She does have feelings for Jamie but they both know that it’s a road they can’t go down if they want to remain partners. Then she kisses him and leaves. 

James Reed an NYPD Sergeant finds himself in trouble when he doesn’t intervene in an armed robbery at a bodega because he was off duty and with his 10-year-old daughter. The bodega owner is shot and killed when he pulls a gun on his assailant. Frank tells Reed that he is on modified duty pending an investigation for failure to do his duty. 

Later, Sgt Reed responds to a shots fired call at a known drug location. He went in before backup arrived and gets shot. Reed says bystanders were pinned and he decided to go in even though he was unarmed because he was still on modified duty. Reed says that having people call him a coward pushed him to make that decision. 


When the investigation comes back with the conclusion that Reed was negligent in his duty, Frank decides to be lenient and only give him a reprimand in his file because he was protecting his daughter. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

She's not a stray puppy, Jamie. This job is hard enough without taking it home with me, literally.


If she wants to see this dirt bag there's nothing you or us can do about it. It's her choice.