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There is killer viciously murdering elderly victims by bludgeoning them to death and the Mayor is furious that the NYPD hasn’t caught him yet.

Jamie thinks that an eye witness, Evan Fleming, may actually be the killer. He follows him and is able to stop him before he kills again. Fleming believes he was freeing his victims so that they wouldn’t have a care in the world. 

Danny and Baez end up on an FBI/DEA division team after a bar linked to a drug cartel is fire bombed. The doors were barred and 11 people died inside. 

Danny, Baez and the team manage to seize approximately 100 lbs of heroin in a raid, but Danny learns that the cash had already changed hands. A cartel member, Jose Pena, is moving the money back to Mexico and Danny wants the team to stop it, but the FBI says no because Pena has agreed to be their informant. 

Special Agent Veronica Molina secretly gives Danny information that could stop the money from leaving the country. Danny and Baez raid Pena’s boat when he fails to file a cargo and crew list with the Coast Guard. They find $18 million in cash and the NYPD confiscates it but they do not arrest Pena because of his deal with the Feds. Still, losing the cash will put a price on Pena’s head and make him useless as an informant. 

Danny gets into trouble for not following the chain of command and hurting the DEA’s case, but quietly, everyone is happy that he was able to stop the money from getting to Mexico. 

Erin’s boss is furious with her because she wouldn’t give Danny a warrant and the DA’s office lost out on being a part of the positive PR for this bust. 

Later that night, Danny’s home is set on fire. Thankfully, he and his family weren’t inside but the house burns to the ground. They move in with Frank. Danny feels guilty for bringing this on, but Linda and the boys don’t blame him for doing the right thing. 

Frank thinks the Mayor has lost confidence in him and he offers to resign, but is shocked when the Mayor confides that he’s the one who will be resigning. He asks that Frank be as hard on his successor as he was on him. 



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 22 Quotes

I know your brother, Danny, hell of a detective. If you were more like him maybe you still wouldn't be walking a beat.


Forensics hasn't gotten a good impression for all the gore.