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Two illegal immigrants, one a Christian from Iraq and the other a Muslim doctor from Sudan get into a fist fight at a bagel store. 

The ArchBishop bails out the Christian, but the Muslim man remains in jail, sparking a controversy over Sanctuary cities and the church’s role in this case. 

Frank asks the ArchBishop to bail out the Muslim man as well but he’ll only do it if Frank will promote NYPD Officer John Macklan to Detective first grade. Macklan is dying of cancer and worked at the 911 site. The ArchBishop also wants him to get 911 compensation, even though there’s no proof that it caused his cancer. Even when Frank reluctantly comes through on the request, the ArchBishop still balks, until Frank says he won’t sign the final paperwork until the Muslim man’s bail is posted. 

Anthony and Erin find that someone switched out the heroin in the Tommy Hickman with brown sugar. They believe it was a former prosecutor named Gary who had a drug problem. Eventually, Erin gets Gary to confess to the crime on the stand.

An ex Special Forces and KGB agent known as Rambo, tries to kill his girlfriend when she refuses to go back to Russia with him, then he goes on a shooting spree in Manhattan.  Two detectives from Russia arrive to assist in finding him but they won’t share much of their information with Danny and Baez.

Eventually he is tracked down to a Russian bathhouse and killed. Both Russian detectives end up injured but decide to fly home to Russia. 



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Garrett: We both knew this issue would land on our desk sooner or later.
Frank: It didn't just land, it was placed by the mayor.

Frank: As far as I'm concerned if you worked that pile and got sick, you and your family should be taken care of, end of story.
Garrett: You're not an insurance claims adjustor.
Frank: For which I thank God every day.