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It’s 146 days since Amir Brown was killed. His mother is furious that the case hasn’t been solved and Danny agrees to look into it. Apparently the original detective picked up a suspect, Corey DeSilva, but when the eyewitness identified him as the shooter while he was handcuffed in the back of a police car, Erin dropped the charges because the ID was prejudicial and they could never find the gun. 

Danny and Anthony reluctantly work together. They canvas the murder scene and end up finding the gun in a sewer drain. It links back to DeSilva and he is arrested. Danny gets to tell the mother that her son’s case is closed and the two bond over having lost loved ones. 

Jamie and Eddie respond to a domestic disturbance call with other officers at an apartment building. The assailant, Malcolm James, runs and the police give chase. When he pulls a gun, Eddie and Officer Andrew Dunleavy are shot. Eddie is shot in her bullet proof vest and will be okay, but Dunleavy is killed. 

In a press conference, Mayor Dutton makes it sound as if Malcolm was in fear for his life from the police because he’s a minority and that’s why he ran. Frank presses her to apologize to the NYPD but she doesn’t. When she shows up at the officer’s funeral, all of the police officers present turn their backs to her and she leaves. Later, Dutton tells Frank she will finish out her temporary term as mayor but won’t run for election because the job just isn’t for her, but she says she has enjoyed working with Frank because he is so genuine. 

Erin is furious when her ex-hustand, Jack Boyle, turns up to defend Malcolm. Jack finds out that the 911 call that got the officers to the scene was a set up. There was never a domestic disturbance. Malcolm was trying to jump into the Double Tres gang and the latest initiation rules say that you have to shoot a uniformed police officer. Erin makes Malcolm a deal for murder in the second degree and goes after the head of the Double Tres. 

Erin asks Jack why he still carries a photo of them from their wedding day in his wallet. He says it’s because it was the best time in his life. Erin admits he was her best partner, but also her worst. Jack asks her out to dinner, but she already has plans for a family game night at Danny’s.

Jamie is upset when he shows up at the hospital to bring Eddie home and  finds Barry, her ex-boyfriend there. She is dating Barry once again. Erin tells Jamie that she thinks he and Eddie care for one another more than as partners, and she points out that the biggest regrets are the relationships you never follow through on. 

Later, at the precinct, Jamie finds Eddie filling out paperwork and seems to be about to tell her how he feels when Barry comes in with two tickets for Springsteen on Broadway. Eddie is thrilled with the tickets, but when Barry leaves, she pushes Jamie to tell her what he was going to say. Jamie just tells her to have a good time at the show and leaves, obviously upset as he turns the corner. 



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 18 Quotes

Listen, anyone, especially a minority being chased by police, would be afraid for their life.

Mayor Dutton

Danny: Amir's friend ID'd the shooter.
Erin: Yeah, but DeSilva was already in the back seat of the squad car when he was identified as the shooter.
Danny: So what?
Erin: So identifying him while he's in the backseat of a police car already handcuffed is suggestive. There's no way I can get a conviction.