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Danny finds that credit cards have been opened in his and Linda’s names, and about $100,000 in merchandise has been charged. Danny and Baez track where some of the merchandise is being delivered and find his brother-in-law, Jimmy.  Jimmy is working for the Albanian mob. Danny tells him he needs to wear a wire if he wants his help. 

Jimmy wears the wire, and almost gets killed when the mobsters realize it, but he manages to shoot two of them and turn them over to Danny.

Frank’s old partner, Lenny Ross, is arrested after two people are shot at a strip club. Lenny swears he only had two drinks and then woke missing his watch, wallet, and pants. He has no memory of the shooting. 

Frank asks Erin to take a more active role in this investigation. Everyone at the strip club says that Lenny got drunk, hopped up on stage with the women, and when the bouncer tried to get him down, he pulled his gun and started shooting. 

Erin realizes that the owner of the strip club, Mickey Cardoza’s late father, Sal, used to work with Lenny as NYPD detectives. Mickey hates Lenny. One of the strippers, Crystal, has Lenny’s watch. She says that Mickey had Lenny drugged and set him up. Erin investigates but finds no NYPD records of any incident between Sal Cardoza and Lenny. 

Erin goes to Frank for answers. Back in the late 1980s, Det. Sal Cardoza was a dirty cop and Det. Lenny Ross wore a wire for Internal Affairs, but 1PP didn’t want more scandals and buried it, scrubbing the records of any information and allowing Cardoza to retire. Erin is able to clear Lenny of the shooting.

When Jamie and Eddie are called to a disturbance as a new madrasa, Jamie recognizes Tariq as one of his fellow police academy members. Tariq asks Jamie for help. He’s been undercover for ten years and he can’t take it anymore. He needs this assignment to end, but the NYPD says he is invaluable where he is. 

When a bomb is set on one of the madrasa’s school buses, Tariq, having done two tours in Afghanistan, runs on board to disarm it and Jamie stays with him. Tariq disarms the bomb and is later promoted to the Joint Terrorism Task Force as a detective. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

Jimmy: Last time I saw you, you dropped me off at a mob joint to catch a beat down.
Danny: That's because they were going to kill you for busting a champagne bottle over a made guy's head. I bargained for you life.
Jimmy: And you could get in trouble if I talked.
Danny: What? What you say?
Jimmy: Not that I'd do that Danny. I wouldn't do that.

Jamie: You know what me and 99% of other cops are not that you are?
Tariq: Yeah, stuck.
Jamie: No, indispensable. Before you chuck it, at least put some value on it.
Tariq: Now you're sounding like a boss. and I don’t mean that as a compliment.