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Abigail is offered a job by her former Sergeant turned Captain, Bowman, who has just been assigned to run Group 1 at IAB. She shares the news with Garrett and Sid who share it with Frank when he pushes them on it. Frank visits Bowman to find out more, but the Captain says that Baker approached him, not the other way around.

Figuring out that Bowman wants Baker on his team because of her connections to 1PP, Frank turns down the transfer but doesn’t tell Baker why. Abigail is hurt, but later does her own detective work and figures out what happened. She confronts Frank, who doesn’t deny it but asks if they can just put it behind them. Baker agrees.

Parker Mack is a good samaritan who stops to help a woman trying to escape from a man holding her hostage. When Jamie and Eddie arrive on the scene, they find two more women being held inside. When Parker ends up having a warrant for grand larceny auto in Pennsylvania, they have to arrest him. Parker says he didn’t know that his friends stole the car. Eddie asks Jamie to try and help. He goes to Erin to and asks her to put a good word in for Parker but the DA in Pennsylvania won’t budge. Jamie gets the three victims who were held hostage to tell their story to a Pennsylvania newspaper and the DA changes his mind and drops the charges.  

Danny and Baez investigate when Alonzo is beaten and his tractor trailer is stolen by three men in ski masks. They threaten him and his family to keep quiet which annoys Danny. Danny and Baez figure out that the culprit is Victor Lugo, but they have no evidence to arrest him even as he gloats over his new $200,000 Aston Martin he bought with the money from the job. 


Lugo taunts Danny calling him “Defective Reagan” and sending him donuts. Danny tells Lugo that Alonzo picked him out of a lineup, even though he did not. When Lugo goes to retaliate against Alonzo, Danny and Baez are there to arrest him. Later, Danny drives the Aston Martin while eating a donut past the transport van taking Lugo to jail. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

I’ve gone from being detective to Miss Moneypenny.


Abigail: What do you think I should do?
Garrett: Go back in time and not tell us about it.
Abigail: I promise I will not tell him that we spoke about this.
Sid: Actually you won't have to, he'll just know.
Abigail: Not if you don't tell him.
Garrett: He'll just know in that way that he just knows stuff.