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Dylan Garnder overdosed at a high end prep school. When Baez and Danny find Mr. Stratton, the teacher Dylan called before he died, the man is high and they arrest him. Later Baez passes out in the car, overdosing on the Fentanyl she touched. She ends up unconscious in the hospital. 

Danny works with Special Agent Bell from the DEA. Turns out Mr. Stratton was Dylan’s client, not his dealer. When they question Dylan’s best friend, Nigel, he says he has nothing to do with the drugs and threatens to call his mother who is also a criminal defense attorney. Later that night, Nigel turns up dead and his girlfriend says he was meeting his dealer, Paul Romano. 

Paul is a physical therapist who takes the opioids that are over prescribed to his patients and sells them to rich prep school kids. One of the hospitals on his list is the same hospital where Baez is a patient. The DEA opens a Federal investigation on the hospital. 

Danny puts in a good word for the teacher, Mr. Stratton because he was helpful during the investigation. If he completes rehab and gets clean, the charges for possession might be dropped. 

Baez wakes up after being unconscious for a week, and finds Danny by her side. 

State Troopers pull over a car filled with West African UN delegates and detained them for over an hour, forcing them to miss an important vote at the United Nations. The Governor ordered the increased Trooper presence at all tunnels without consulting the NYPD or the mayor. When Frank tries to talk to the governor, he threatens to fire Frank if he doesn’t back his decision. It appears the governor wants to appear to take a hard stance on fighting terrorism in order to help further his political career. 

Later, one of the governor’s troopers fires upon a plain clothes NYPD officer because he doesn’t know that plain clothes officers are coded with a color of the day. 

Frank and the governor go toe to toe when Frank tells him he will pull NYPD officers from the governor’s event and allow the State Troopers to take over. Worried about the possible risk of a terror event, the governor backs down and agrees to have the State Troopers coordinate with NYPD going forward, but he makes it clear he is not happy with Frank. 


Kenneth Tripp, spent time in jail for molesting a minor. Now, another tenant, Mr. Ruiz is posting flyers about Tripp’s record and wants him gone. Later, Tripp is found beaten on the sidewalk by Mr. Ruiz, who says he was defending himself. Tripp admits that he hit Ruiz after he called him a child rapist, and breaks down, saying even though he served his time there will never be absolution for his crime. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Carlton: I work for the mayor.
Frank: Me too. Here we are, just a couple of worker bees shooting the breeze.

Look, I already have a fantasy football team, okay. It's called the Jets and every year I fantasize they're not going to suck.