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Danny and Baez investigate the murder of Jack Thompson, whose body is found in Central Park. Jack’s wife and children are shocked because they believed he was away on business in London, but it turns out that Jack was leading a double life, and had a fiancee named Lindsay and a young daughter who lived just on the other side of the park. 

The doorman says that Janet and Jack were fighting a lot recently. Tech finds out that Lindsay had been googling Janet Thompson, even though she claimed not to know that Jack was married. But both women agree to take lie detector tests and both pass. 

A burner phone had texted Lindsay with a link to Janet Thompson’s Facebook page. When confronted, Janet confesses to murdering Jack, but it turns out it was his son, Trevor. Trevor saw his father with Lindsay and their daughter. He later confronted Jack, and brought a knife to scare him, but ended up killing him instead. 

NYPD Chief Penworth is the lead candidate for a promotion until an interview he did in 2001 with the The Rockland Ledger comes to light. Chief Pennyworth talked his military service, and about jumping into action when an RPG hit his tank outside Bagdad. The problem is, it never happened. He spent his military tour behind a desk. 

Before they confront Penworth, he withdrawals his name from consideration and admits to the lie. He says he was just trying to impress his son and thought it was a little white lie, until it wasn’t.  In promotes Penworth anyway because he came clean, was repentant for the lie, and had an otherwise exemplary record. 

Erin is trying to make a deal with a major criminal who claim a Detective Fusco seized $300,000 of his money, but only turned in $10,000 to the NYPD. A lie detector test makes it appear as though he’s telling the truth. Erin is on the warpath but is shocked to find out that Fusco was Anthony’s former partner. 

Anthony hands Erin his resignation letter when she wants him to wear a wire to entrap Fusco. Erin later makes a deal with Anthony. If he sits down and talks to Fusco, without the wire, and honestly believes the man is innocent, she’ll drop the case. At first Anthony says Fusco didn’t do it, and then he realizes Fusco is lying because he has the same tell he had back when they played poker. Anthony agrees to work with Erin to take him down. 

At Sunday family dinner, the Reagans play a game where they have to say what they failed at over the previous week. Jack doesn’t want to play, but his family tells him that you learn more from your failures than from your successes. He finally admits that he asked a girl out and she turned him down. They all applaud that he had the guts to ask, got turned down, and is still standing. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

Sean: Can't we just be like a normal family and you guys just ask us about school or something?
Jack: Or talk about the good things that happened this week?
Danny: It's tradition.
Jamie: Because there's almost nothing to learn from success. Failure, on the other hand, is the best teacher you'll ever have.

If you aren't failing, you aren't trying, and if you aren't trying, you aren't really living.