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Jamie, Eddie, and a bunch of other cops break up a bar fight. They find a guy passed out on the ground. Some guy tries to leave and Eddie doesn't let him.

Meanwhile a woman calls that someone is trying to break into her house. She tells the kids to get up, you know what you have to do.

Jamie tells Eddie to go to the hospital. Seven people are arrested and a woman and man try to resist.

The woman, who is Delgado's wife, calls Danny but is attacked while on the phone with him.

A uniform tells Danny they didn't find any kids. Mrs. Delgado is dead. Danny goes to look for the kids. He hears crying and finds the kids hiding in a cupboard. Luis Delgado shows up and is allowed to have his kids after he is searched. The kids are sent away with Baez so that Danny can tell Delgado that his wife is dead. Delgado runs inside and sees her body. He sobs.

Frank learns about a community protest group that is throwing Frank's name around to get what she wants. The woman in question is Eddie's mother.

The guy Jamie arrested confessed but it isn't signed. He will now be charged with murder.

The perp's lawyer shows up and is rude to Jamie and insinuates him being Erin's brother is a problem. Erin says she can handle this. Jamie leaves. The lawyer wants a blood alcohol test and is contesting the admissibility of the statement to Jamie.

Eddie's mom comes to see Frank. She thinks she's never going to have to pay for a parking ticket again since Eddie is marrying into the family. Frank tries to explain that he doesn't use the job or family name to influence outcomes. However, if she needs advice, he's her guy. Lena wants to be involved with wedding planning. She also doesn't want Eddie to know she met Frank without her being there.

A DEA guy comes to argue with Danny and says Delgado is his guy.

The psychic shows up and tells Danny he's in danger.

Delgado will only talk to Danny. He says the same person who killed his wife killed Linda. He wants to bring the murderer down but only working with Danny.

Jamie is not happy to hear the perp was freed because the confession was thrown out -- he was drunk. He feels the system has failed and storms off.

Delgado sets up some guy and the DEA worries his safe word is a trick.

At dinner, Jamie and Erin argue about the case. Eddie says her family is embarrassing. It soon circles back to Jamie's problem with Erin. Henry wants to say grace before this argument continues.

Sid and Garett talk to a doorman who says Lena is the only one who complains. Someone wrote bitch on her door. Another woman complains that Lena used her maiden name to get in and turns out to be married to Madoff before. She storms off.

Anthony wants to tell Jamie he was out of line. They argue. Eventually Anthony tells Jamie they can work together to get the perp some other way.

Frank meets with Lena. He says there was an assault on a woman who had graffiti spray-painted on her door. Why didn't she file a police report? He wonders if she didn't want friends and family to know. 

Lena moves rather than deal with things because her husband was a criminal and she doesn't want Eddie to know.She couldn't protect her when her father's crimes were made public. She doesn't want to shame Eddie anymore. Lena thinks it's easy for Frank to say she should fight back. She's not a Reagan and doesn't have the NYPD behind her. Frank says she does now.

Anthony and Jamie question a witness that is dressed as the Statue of Liberty. They lie to her ab out there being a video to get her to talk.

Delgado doesn't care if he dies. Danny says it matters for his boys.  The safe word Ponche is his wife's favorite drink. He tells Danny in Spanish to put a good face to the bad times.

DEA guy tells Baez that her brother came to them, not the other way around.

Delgado sits in the club and watches. Rojas comes to meet him. Rojas frisks him first then says sorry to hear about his wife. Delgado says he'll figure out who did it one way or the other. He warns Rojas the DEA is planning a raid. Rojas thinks Delgado made a deal. Danny thinks they've been made. Rojas says he is going to attack an unmarked car on the corner. Shots are fired.SOmeone goes down. Danny tells DElgado to stay right there before he goes into the club and disturbs some people making out in the stairs before getting into a shoot out with the perp.

Delgado wants to kill Rojas. Danny won't let him. Delgado lets Rojas go and shouts Rojas killed your wife, kill him. Just then Baez shows up. Rojas is arrested.

They now have the murder weapon. Anthony tells Erin and Jamie they both need to change their playbook. He says Erin needs to stop being stubborn and Jamie needs to stop coming in with guns blazing. 

Danny goes to see Delgado in jail and says he couldn't kill Rojas because it would be murder. He promises to look in on Delgado's sons once in a while since Delgado will be in jail until they are adults.

Jamie tells Frank that he and Erin talked things out. Lena arrives with Eddie and says that the President of her board was arrested. Frank pretends never to have met her before.

Danny goes to see the psychic. She tells him her gift is not contagious. He tells her how he arrested the guy who killed his wife. She is happy to hear that. She says that you never get over losing someone important but you do get through it by focusing on what you do have. She notices he still wears his wedding ring. She says Linda knows he kept that promise when she was alive. He needs to let her go now. She brings him a bag and he slowly takes off the ring and deposits it in the bag. 




Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 19 Quotes

Frank: Since when do you have a problem setting the record straight?
Garett: Since the woman in the question is going to be your sister.
Frank: Excuse me?
Sid: It's Eddie Janko's mother.

I got a lawyer who makes more in a day than you do in a year, so I don't have to tell you anything.