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A cop killer is up for parole. Frank thinks the parole board should deny parole since he was a cop killer. He's been deined parole before. Garett says more violent felons are being given parole. Anyway, the guy's son is a cop that Sid knows. Frank says to bring him in. Sid says he has a relationship with Scott.

Eddie is shocked that Witten has time for the Explorers program. Someone screams for help.  A baby is not breathing. Tbe bay is choking on grapes. Eddie does the Heimlich manuever and saves the baby. The father has disappeared.

Erin meets with the governor, who thinks she shouldn't have ordered pear salad. She thinks his crimebill is comprehensive. She doesn't think Frank will like that the bill gives state police equal authority. He wants to call in a favor to get Frank's approval of this bill anyway.

Baez and Danny look for a serial robber and may have found him. The guy runs when he sees them. Danny chases on foot, Baez chases in the car. Baex ends up hitting the guy, who still struggles while he is on the ground. He is arrested anyway.

At the hospital, baby will be okay. Eddie disagrees that she would be great working in the hospital. They go to see the baby (against Eddie's wishes) who won't stop crying until Eddie holds her.

Danny talks to a victim, Martinez. He hopes the guy can ID him. Martinez is nervous about doing the line-up. 2-7 is sending a Sergeant Kelso to run the lineup. Danny decides to go ahead without waiting for Kelso who he dislikes. The guy IDs #3 as the robber.

Sid meets with Scott at a bar. Scott is angry that his father's killer will be released. It is up to the parole board, not Frank. Sid encourages him not to throw his life away to settle the score. He says he's just talking but Sid doesn't think so.

Anthony says the ID was tainted and that among other things, the perp was put in position 3 and #3 is chosen more often than other positions. Danny says the ID was good and Rivers is our guy.

Frank and Erin talk about the crime bill. Frank is not happy about the state police. He is confused as to why Erin is pushing him. He's not happy Erin made this deal. He wishes she would have come to him. Frank is not interested in this bill.

Erin goes to see the governor outside the court house. SHe says Frank said no to the crime bill. He wants her to try harder. He says if his bill doesn't pass he'll make sure everyone knows her word is worthless. He says the only way out is to convince the mayor to force Frank to endorse the bill.

Sid tells Garett what's going on.He thinks Fuller could pull this off. Frank wants to go warn Dean in prison, which will look like interference in the parole process so Sid is going instead. Garett says this is wrong. Sid warns Garett to get on the right side of this.

Eddie is trying to find out why CPS is nowhere to be found. Jamie show sup and says this isn't her problem. Father has been arrested for dealing. Mother is in court ordered rehab. 

Henry talks to Erin. He says stake her reputation on her actual promise to sex crime victims, not to this dubious promise to the Governor.

Danny says Sean is cooking dinner tonight. Martinez shows back up with food to thank Danny.

Anthony tells Danny in a garage that the ID has been thrown out. Danny blames Anthony and they argue.

Frank says the parole board is untouchable. Henry doesn't agree. Erin says this is like jury tampering. Danny and Jamie agree. Nikki disagrees. Eddie says what she believes doesn't matter. Sean says why should the law be different if the victim is a cop? Danny doesn't like that question but Frank says it's a fair question. Sean doesn't get this. Jamie says killing a cop is an attack on the rule of law. Nikki says what about mercy? Frank says the survivors of his victim are the only ones who can make that plea.

Sid goes to see Dean. Dean says he did a terrible thing and there's nothing he can do to ease that pain. He says he has lung cancer. He has a granddaughter he's never met and wants to spend the time he as left with them. Sid says if he leaves his life is in danger. Dean says he understands that but if the parole board signs off he's leaving.

Eddie is looking at stats with child services. She's worried about the baby. Jamie says you can't save them all. Eddie says she's just trying to save this one. Jamie says if she wants to adopt the baby he's good with it. Eddie says she's not thinking about that. She's not sure about having kids period. Jamie didn't know about that. She says that being cops makes them risk not coming home. She's not a gambler. She's afraid of having to abandon Annie if they adopted her.

Danny and Baez are on a stakeout at Rivers' address. Baez thinks this is pointless. Danny says they are going to talk Rivers out of doing any more robberies. Baez says he can come after them for harassment. Danny goes after Rivers anyway. They follow himinto a building. A car outside the building has its lights flashing. It's Anthony. Danny and Anthony argue over who's going to go after Rivers. Baez stops the guys from fighting and insists Anthony be in charge.

Danny pretends to be taking money out of an ATM so Rivers can try to rob him. The guy beats Danny up and throws him in some trash bags. Anthony saves the day. He and Danny make up, sort of.

Garett says to Sid put anything I need to know in a memo. Sid apologizes. Garett says Sid is always the first to remind him he's not a cop. He wants to be listened to.

The Governor comes to see Erin. She says she's not going to the Mayor. He says he was trying to give her a way out. She says that's not who she is. Governor says he sat down with Frank and got his support. Erin is surprised to hear this. Governor says they're even.

Jamie meets Eddie at a rescue shelter. He says he tracked down Annie's grandmother. She's coming to get her. Eddie tells Jamie she comes here once a month to see the dogs. Kids are not like dogs, can't give them back if they don't work out.

Jamie is ready to have kids/dogs etc if Eddie is on board. Eddie says they will build a life together if they make sure each other is 100% on board with everything.

Erin storms into Frank's office. She doesn't appreciate him going behind her back. He says not that he owes her an explanation, but Mendez pulled back on the state powers. He made the deal for the NYPD, not to bail Erin out. Also he made sure Dean won't get paroled. Erin is angry but grateful to be free of favors. Frank says she owes him one. Erin goes.



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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 20 Quotes

Wow. You're a baby whisperer.


Governor: So what do you think of my crime bill?
Erin: It's very...comprehensive.